The Barry County Fair and Broken Horn Rodeo

Sunset CarnivalIf you haven’t been to the Barry County Fair yet, there’s still time! 4-H Pigs The fair is running this week, Monday through Saturday. Rodeo Clown Tonight’s the MI State Super Cross & tomorrow the U.S.A. Demolition Derby, 4-H Exhibitbut every day has had some special attraction.DSCN4753 In fact, for over 150 years, the Barry County Fair has been providing family fun Cows at Fairfor southeast Michigan in mid-July, including lots of learning experiences, DSCN4740competitions in all sorts of areas,Midway Gamesmidway games, Love my Pig!livestock competitions and exhibits, Great food at the fair! specialty vendors, entertainment, music, Barry County Fair Food…more food…and special attractions! Broken Horn RodeoThis past Wednesday night we enjoyed both the fair and Broken Horn Rodeo. Cowboy at Rodeo Have you ever been to a rodeo? Baby at FairMy only memory is watching the bucking broncos in the 1950’s while visiting my grandmother in Colorado, Bucking Bronco 3+and the excitement around one of my cousins being the Rodeo Queen one year. Rope tryingOther than that, the closest thing I’ve come to a rodeo is watching the “O Canada” video  at Disney’s Epcot Center, where Martin Short ends up roped by a calf during the Calgary Stampede.Cowboy BUT, I will say, the Broken Horn Rodeo was an interesting cultural experience for someone who’s never gotten into country music or had a red neck!Winner! The rodeo had all the things you might expect, Lassoing horselike lassoing wild stallions, Rope trying roping frisky calves Bucking Bronco 2 and riding bucking broncos.Friendly Pig But, there were two things about Broken Horn Rodeo that truly surprised and delighted me (besides the friendliness of the pigs). American Flag at Rodeo 2One was this highly acclaimed rodeo company’s loyalty to our country and support for our military. Soldiers and Family I was teary-eyed by the time they finished their preliminary program honoring our soldiers, and I was in awe when the arena director stated that they’ve been in Boy Watching Rodeobusiness since the 1960’s & have never begun a rodeo without opening in prayer! American Flags at Rodeo As a group, we stood while this big, burly cowboy asked the Lord to guide us all through the arena of life and prayed that we’d be grateful that Jesus paid the entry fee for our admission tickets to heaven, “in Jesus’ name. Amen.” Amen! Barry County Fair I hope we’ve all accepted our free tickets into heaven.Fair at NIght If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late. Barry County Fair Grounds Jesus is still standing with his arms outstretched, waiting just for you!

“The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23).

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