Did You Have a Happy Father’s Day?

Father's DayHave you seen this picture? I’m sorry I have no clue who this is or where it comes from (except as an email forward), but it reminds me of Aaron…or Michael, or Alan when he was younger…or any of the brave fathers I know. -3When Alan and I had our first three, I used to hear that there’s a special reward in heaven for parents of three sons, and by the time we had Kathy and then three more sons, I was hoping it was true! Having 3 (actually, any number from 1-57) kids may be “no excuse,” but it’s the challenge of a lifetime…so why even try?IMG_8928I think because it’s so much a part of the richness of life and love relationships. Maybe it has something to do with the sense of fulfillment that comes from loving others so unselfishly. It seems like God gives most of us a natural love for our children from the time they’re born, and that’s good, because there is nothing like children to force us to be unselfish even when we don’t feel like it! 🙂IMG_8926 We had a super Father’s Day, complete with Kathy’s family, Dan’s family, Stephen and Joel all keeping us company. I will say, as Alan and I grow older, we find there’s nothing quite so uplifting as enjoying the energy, hopefulness, and affection of our children, and now our grandchildren too. Investing in children is a little like investing in the future…for ourselves and for others. I used to say that having kids was like putting money in the bank, and watching your children grow was like watching your stocks go up! (Of course, that was only theoretical, because we had too many kids to have any stocks.) There are no guarantees that everything will turn out rosy (and of course, there are always a lot of ups and downs along the way), but for most of us, our kids get us going, keep us going, and keep us on our knees, looking to the Lord for help and thanking the Lord for his gracious care. It’s a great life to have children, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it, even though it’s the challenge of a lifetime. Hope you all appreciate your fathers, and for those of you who are fathers, may the Lord bless you for believing in Life and investing in the future.

“I write unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one. I write unto you, little children, because ye have known the Father” (1 John 2:13).


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