The Armstrong Archives (89): A Dreamy Midsummer Week (except for the P.S.)

Tuesday, July 17, 1980 Tuesday was a swimming party for the 4-5 year-old Sunday school class. We all got to go, and the boys discovered the Hing’s trampoline. [Harry H. was my Ob/Gen, and his wife was Aaron’s teacher at Grace Bible Church.] They loved that even better than swimming and the 4.5 hotdogs they devoured for supper!

Wednesday we had to go to the Metro Airport and went upon the observation deck. We saw a 747 take off and a D.C. 10 pulled in right underneath us. The sound was deafening, but the pageantry marvelous. Thursday was the Bible study, which I always really enjoy. 40Friday we picked twenty-seven pounds of sweet cherries for $13.50. Michael came down from the ladder with juice dripping everywhere and leaving trails in the dust down to his elbows. It was fiercely hot, so we stopped for a swim in the Huron River and picnicked on the way home. Having three boys is kind of like having a handicap—everything takes a long time! But we have a good time!

Saturday several teenagers from church helped me pass out three hundred invitations to our Five-Day Backyard Bible Club, which we’ve been having from 4-5 pm every day this week. We have about a dozen children and meet under a shade tree in back for singing, stories, and memory verses. Even Michael’s been learning his verses! The teenagers teach, and I chauffeur and help keep the kids quiet.

Sunday I took Bonnie D. to church, then she and her husband Steve came for lunch. Steve is a psychiatry intern from the U. Michigan program, working under Alan this month. They are very active Christians. [Steve was some years later partially responsible for recognizing and naming SAD, “Seasonal Affective Disorder.]1980:1.17.2011Monday we went to a park with Susie V. and kids, and that night Alan took us to the river for a picnic and swim. It was a dreamy week…but boy, am I tired!

PS—A girl was murdered one court down from us Saturday night. Alan was gone all that night working. It’s a sin-sick world, isn’t it?



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