Mackinac Island Lilac Festival: In Full Swing!

Lilacs Mackinac Island copyThis week is Mackinac Island’s fun and famous Lilac Festival.Mackinac Island Waterfront Mackinac Island also happens to be one of Alan’s favorite places in Michigan…Arch Rock, Mackinac Islandor maybe the whole world! Mackinac Island lined with horses and carriages In fact, we’ve been biking around the island together since we were sixteen… Motorboats on Mackinac Islandand that’s a lot of years.   🙂Horse and carriage The Lilac Festival is the first full week of June (and Alan’s birthday is the 5th),DSCN2781 so it’s a natural for us to visit often during this very special time of year. DSCN2676Unfortunately, we’ve had such a cold winter and spring that we only saw DSCN2909 one lilac bush blooming on the entire island (the one above). Lilacs BuddingMost of them were just beginning to bud, The Inn on Mackinac but I think that means that if you visit this coming weekend, Lilacs 5.10.13 you might be in for a scentsational time! Tulips. Mackinac Island 6.7.14And, even if the lilacs aren’t bursting with aroma yet, Tulips. Mixed 6.7.14the island is still ablaze with spring glory!Creeping Phlox 6.7.14Truly, Mackinac Island is beautiful in every season of the year.  Fort Mackinac, MIFrom 1781 when Fort Mackinac first opened, St. Anne's Catholic Church the island has been a favorite haven for residents and tourists alike.Grand Hotel The Grand Hotel was built a century later and has hosted thousands of guests, The Grand Hotelincluding such notables as five U.S. presidents Grand Hotel front porch and even Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin! Carriage House The island’s quaint village is filled with white-washed, wooden-framed buildings,DSCN2844and little shops replete with treasures big and small. DSCN2834Autos aren’t permitted on the island, so horses and bikes are the main modes of Sailboat. Happy Hearttransportation, and everybody who visits arrives by boat or ferry. DSCN2927Alan brought us over last Saturday. Star Line Hydrofoil We took the Star Line and just happened to be on their first trip for the morning, Mackinac Bridgewhich took a brief detour to sail under the Mackinac Bridge. Mackinac IslandThe weather was perfect: about 68° under a cloudless, blue sky. Lakeview Bicycle RentalsMackinac Island has an 8-mile perimeter, so we rented bicycles Tulips. Mackinac Island 2and rode around the island. It just so happened that we intersected with the DSCN2713hundreds of runners who’d entered the 10K race Saturday morning. I only got a DSCN2715blurry picture of the first-place winner (Nick Jackson, a very tall, muscular guy DSCN2699who passed before I realized what was happening…this is the second guy), DSCN2701 but I did catch a picture of Xavier Donajkowski from Alpena, Cairn buildingwho was the first female racer to finish. Way to go, Xavier! Sea gulls at MackinacWell, after a glorious ride around the island, Village Inn, Mackinac Islandwe were famished, so we returned our bikes and then had a memorable lunch Village Inn at the Village Inn (which is Alan’s favorite lunch spot on the island). Murdick's FudgeFor dessert, we moseyed over to Murdick’s (which is Alan’s favorite fudge shopFudge. Mackinac Islandbecause they still use fresh cream and butter to make their irresistible fudge)! Main Street, Mackinac IslandFinally, just before leaving, we purchased a couple of treasures to take home Ear rings(like $6, handcrafted earrings and a $12 tea cup…they do have some great deals).DSCN2942It was one of those forever days that will linger in my memory Forget-me-nots and mingle with all our other happy trips to Mackinac Island through the years. Mission Point Resort. Shaft of LightThank you, Lord! I know that all such blessed times are gifts from You.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”
(James 1:17)
“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.”
(Ecclesiastes 12:1)

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