Up Close and Personal at the John Ball Zoo

IMG_8017If you can make it this Thursday, there are going to be some special activities at IMG_8368John Ball Zoo, although I will say, it’s a great place to visit any day of the week! IMG_8225Iris (who’s 2) had never been to a zoo before, so it was a real hit for her!IMG_8154 Oliver (who’s only 8 months) was considerably more interested in the humans IMG_8014and had a little trouble figuring out what all the hype was about, IMG_8152but he definitely enjoyed his day too! IMG_8052The rest of us had a ball,IMG_8117I think, IMG_8244although somebody was definitely having a bad hair day, IMG_8204and it looked like a few teens had all been put in time out for monkeying around.IMG_8218I also saw one young couple who seemed exhausted (see their new baby?) IMG_8073and another couple who got into a fight and made quite a scene! IMG_8094I guess there are always a few fellas who are feeling dejected, even at the zoo, IMG_8215and then there are the cheery ones, who always seem to be smiling.IMG_8237Animals are a lot like humans! Some seem docile and sweet. IMG_8103Some look like they’re ready to peck a fight. IMG_8002Some look like they’d like to be left alone, IMG_8272and some look they’re just waiting around for you to come a little bit closer…IMG_8264Some always seem as cool as cucumbers and like to be busy, IMG_8247while others seem too hot and tired to work, so they hang out lazily all day long. IMG_8121Like most of us, Iris’ favorite animals are the ones who are touchable,IMG_8165especially the warm, cuddly ones! IMG_8189She also loves patient souls who will so something special for you. Don’t we all?!IMG_8170Thankfully, you don’t have to be a fashion queen to be appreciated by a child! IMG_8287I really love the otters, because they always seem like they’re having such fun! IMG_8290When Alan and I are out for our daily swim, I feel like we’re a pair of river otters!IMG_8358Well, after a big morning at the zoo, we had to stop for a snack. IMG_8350The zoo’s the sort of place where you could easily spend an entire day, but little ones need to get home for lunch and a good afternoon nap, so we left. IMG_8372As we left, we noticed that the admission line had really grown, so I’d definitely recommend going early while the lines are short and the animals are frisky.IMG_8324We’re hoping to go again in a few weeks when the new tiger exhibit opens.IMG_8196Ever think about what type of animal you’re like? Which ones do you admire? IMG_8320Some days Alan says I’m prickly…but I don’t want to be!IMG_8193I definitely want to be touchable, warm, and fuzzy!IMG_8261I really don’t want to be somebody who might be singing “trust in meIMG_8195but deep inside have the heart of a vulture! IMG_8110How about you? What animal would you like to be like? Mouring Dove copy“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

One response to “Up Close and Personal at the John Ball Zoo

  1. A lovely day with the grandchildren!

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