The Armstrong Archives (86): Vacation with a Three-Week Old

IMG_7824Thursday, April 10, 1980 Hi! Hope you are having a good trip home, Mom, and that you will have a really happy reunion with Dad! Poor little Michael cried most of the way home after we dropped you off, and then when we got home he went to “Grammy’s room” and cried again. Six weeks is quite long enough to have settled comfortably into having another permanent member of the family, and we will all be very lonesome for quite a while. As Alan said, the only advantage in having Mom leave is that Dad will get his wife back, so we have to be glad for that!

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to both of you for such a long term of sacrificial giving, loving, and care-taking. It is great to be able to start off feeling happy and pretty strong instead of depressed and exhausted.

You must have been praying for us on the way home, Mom, because Michael, Jonathan, and I all fell asleep from 8 pm-10:15 am this morning and Aaron played by himself…absolutely amazing, no?! So, I’ve been feeling just fine today.IMG_7829[This was the morning Aaron made himself a bowl of cereal on his own. When I got up, there was a slushy bowl of sugar and milk on the counter. I thanked him for letting me sleep in and then asked him how he liked his cereal. His eyebrows knitted a little, “I couldn’t finish it all…I couldn’t remember if you put in one spoon or one cup of sugar!” What a cutie!]IMG_7839Wednesday, April 23, 1980 [Postcard from Ormond Beach, FL] So far everything has just been super. The boys haven’t had a single fight since we started!?! We drove straight through; it took twenty-five hours.IMG_7831 The beach is gorgeous and the waves really big and fun, although we can’t get the boys to come out very far.IMG_7833 Jon sleeps in your carriage on the shore, and we build lots of castles. There’s also a gorgeous pool. We have a balcony with an ocean view for evening after the boys go to sleep. Sunday we went to Cape Kennedy and Monday to Disney World. The boys went WILD over Disney. What fun! Wish you were both here too!IMG_7838[It isn’t reflected in this cheery postcard, but Jonathan was carted around Disney World and rode on “Star Jets” when he was just 3 weeks old…rather insane both for mother and child, although we did survive!] IMG_7841Friday, April 25, 1980 [Postcard from Marineland] We have certainly enjoyed our vacation here! The weather has been about 75-85° and clear almost every day. We went to Marineland yesterday and visited St. Augustine. We are all a little sunburned and trying to keep out of the sun in the heat of the day, so we tour some then. J.J. can smile now!

Friday, May 2, 1980 [Letters now take a $0.15 stamp.] Alan’s back on the wards. He always finds it a little depressing at first, so many critically and/or terminally ill patients! He found it especially hard after such a relaxing vacation. He thoroughly enjoyed emergency medicine and has had some thoughts of switching from internal medicine to emergency.

Our trip was just super. The boys keep asking when we can go back or if we can just live there forever! I think Alan would like that too. You two really ought to visit and at least think about it as a potential candidate if you ever decide to relocate.

May 8, 1980 “Mothers are a gift from God.” “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17 Happy Mother’s Day! We started studying the Book of Romans in the ladies’ Bible study. It’s my turn to teach now that Baby Cakes is six weeks old. I’ve really enjoyed studying. The teacher always learns the most!

…Gotta go! Jon’s in my arms—screaming in my ear for lunch. Michael’s machine-gunning Aaron… IMG_7813



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