A Few of my Favorite Birds (2): Baltimore Orioles…Talk about Handsome!

Male Baltimore OrioleIf you’re looking for handsome dudes, keep your eyes out for Baltimore Orioles. Technically, they’re called “Northern Orioles,” but everybody knows they’re from Baltimore, right? I mean, really! Try a Google search…you get the handsome BO 1dudes from Maryland’s flashy baseball team. But, I’m really  even more of a fan of the team’s mascot…the state bird from Maryland…the B.O. without any B.O.! Oriole in FlightYou know, the original Baltimore Orioles! 🙂 These vibrant orange and black birds fly up from South and Central America in early May and love to summer in Baltimore Oriole Wingthe open woods of the Great Lakes region of America, (although they range over a wide area from Nova Scotia to Texas).IMG_7480 Baltimore Orioles are members of the blackbird family, and as such they have shiny black, pointed beaks. IMG_7478 They’re slightly smaller than robins but similarly shapely, and they’re unique  Singin' in the Rainboth in brilliant coloring and in their rich, liquid whistling songs, which herald spring. The males suit up in uniforms of pumpkin orange with black hoods and F Looking at Mewings sporting one white stripe. Females are enough different that at first I thought they were a different species, although they travel and feed together. Male and Female(Note the female is less bold and rather hidden in the back in this picture.) F side View Females have yellow-orange breasts, yellow-grey heads, & two white wing bars. F FeedingBoth love to feed in our cherry tree, searching for insects and sipping nectar.  IMG_6795The female weaves a delicate, slate-grey hanging basket in some choice F Profiledeciduous tree, and orioles have been known to return to the exact same nesting site year after year! Female Baltimore OrioleNow, that’s what I call accurate aim and staying power! F BestNo wonder they’ve made the team!BO“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ~Earl Weaver, manager of the Baltimore OriolesIMG_7079“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14


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  1. Beautiful!

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