Remembering Korea in Hiaku

Tomorrow Alan and I will have been back from South Korea for a week, and we’re almost adjusted to Eastern Daylight Savings Time again! However, my mind is still processing everything we experienced during our visit with Mike and Grace’s family, so here are a few more pictures from our time in South Korea and some hiakus commemorating those events:

On Celebrating Easter: IMG_6032Resurrection Morn:

DSCN1936Dress up; DSCN1514worship;DSCN1941 fellowship.IMG_6067Hunt for Easter eggs!

On traveling with the kids…DSCN1758

IMG_6151Fly above the clouds.IMG_5452IMG_4389Little faces press the panes.IMG_5461Where are we going?

On Feeding the Kids (a quote from Michael): DSCN1278Why is it each day DSCN1271 That after breakfast’s over DSC_0934 I need to bathe again?

On the Fascination Koreans Have for  Fair-Haired Children:DSCN1492  Instant attraction: IMG_4592Asian tourists really like IMG_4680IMG_4879 Blue eyes and blonde curls.

On Enjoying Special Treats (like green tea ice cream): DSC_1121Ice cream, DSCN1450popsicles.IMG_4767 Cotton-candy stickiness.DSC_1133 Sometimes life is sweet.

On Traveling by Train with Kids:

IMG_5189Morning train delights.DSCN1699 IMG_4385After noon a train’s all right. DSCN1776 Evening train: Goodnight. IMG_4861“Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers” (Proverbs 17:6).

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