The Romance of Northern Europe (10): Exploring Tallinn, Estonia

IMG_1137Although Tallinn is the birthplace of Skype, one of the world’s top ten digital IMG_1060cities, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back 5,000 years, has a population Tallin Old Town Wikiof 430,000,* and is the capital and largest city in Estonia, I had virtually never IMG_1044heard of it until we went on our Northern European Cruise last spring. We came IMG_1155into the city via the Tallinn Passenger Port, which is one of the busiest cruise Toompea Castledestinations in the Baltic Sea. We docked very close to Toompea Castle, part of Shipthe fortification system for “Old Town,” the ancient city center, IMG_1089and commenced with a delightful walking tour of the city. St. Olaf's ChurchSt. Olaf’s church (far right) was the tallest building in the world IMG_0907 from 1549 to 1625 and is still an impressive landmark today, IMG_0921although there are many beautiful churches! (Lutheran, St. Mary’s Cathedral)Alexander Nevsky Cathedral(Russian Orthodox, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral) IMG_0936(St. Nicolas Church, was dedicated to the patron of fishermen and sailors in 1275, but today it’s a concert hall and houses a museum of ecclesiastical art.) St. Catherines PassageIn many ways, Tallinn has never lost its Medieval look and charm, IMG_1099 although now everything has a touch of modern class added! IMG_0929Ancient walls are adorned with modern art for sale, IMG_0941and the town center is flanked with inviting open air cafes,IMG_0961some with snuggly sheep skins adorning the chairs. Talk about warm and plush!IMG_1093We visited in May—a great time to travel!—and there were flowers blooming IMG_1018everywhere. IMG_1141The markets were also bursting with colorful bouquets for sale. Town Hall Square Raekoja platsThe Town Hall Square (aka “Raekoja plats”) is home to “Raeapteek,” founded Raeapteek Pharmacy  in 1422 and one of the world’s oldest continuously operating pharmacies! IMG_0951Of course, not all the attractions on the square are quite so ancient. 🙂 IMG_0985After a long morning of trekking all over Old Town IMG_0959 learning about Tallinn’s heritage IMG_0960and taking in the sites, IMG_0966 we were treated to a traditional tea IMG_0967 featuring both savory and sweet, stuffed croissants IMG_0969 in a historic restaurant. (This fresco was painted on the ladies’ bathroom door!)IMG_0963I mean, this was a seriously, authentically ancient building! IMG_0989After a chance to rest and relax, IMG_1016we made our way past some lovely lassies in traditional garb Fat Margaret Towerto the “Fat Margaret” Tower and city gate, IMG_1071 which now houses a fascinating little “Estonian Maritime Museum.”IMG_0906There’s also an excellent open air museum in Tallinn, which we didn’t see, IMG_0890because we just didn’t have time to see it all, hear it, taste it, or experience it all.IMG_0938But, I think that’s just the way it is! My dad used to always paraphrase Huckleberry Finn: “You pays your nickel, and you takes your choice.” IMG_1154No matter how hard we try, we’re only going to experience bits and pieces of life. IMG_0925We’ll notice certain things, but we may never really understand them. Ship LightWe’ll figure out some things…but there will be all sorts of things we miss. IMG_1162      That’s why I’ve chosen to put my trust in God, who alone is omniscient! On this wonderful “cruise” called life, we’ll never get it all figured out, but God knows and understands everything, and He can lead us into the ways of peace.1 Cor 13 We See Through a Glass Darkly“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known” (1 Corinthians 13:12).

(*The above aerial view of Tallinn was taken from Wiki Commons)

8 thoughts on “The Romance of Northern Europe (10): Exploring Tallinn, Estonia

  1. What a beautiful city! Would just love to go there! Would also like to see St Petersburg, but with Putin’s pwer struggles, I’m not so sure any more.

    1. Yes, I was glad we went when we did. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable anymore. If all goes well, I’m hoping to post on St. Petersburg next Tuesday.

    1. Awesome! I hope you get to visit! Alan and I were both really impressed with Tallinn, both because of their intellectual prowess and because of their beautifully maintained “Old City.”

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