What Do We Do With our Gifts?

IMG_1528Our quadrivium of grandchildren born in the spring of 2012 are turning two!IMG_1530 Last Saturday was Amélie’s second birthday, DSCN9916and Sunday we celebrated Iris’s second birthday. DSCN9872 Kathy and Carl went to great lengths to make everything very special for Iris. DSCN9871They invited all her Michigan aunts and uncles. DSCN9901 Even her Great Grandpa Bob was able to come,DSCN9879and her twin cousins, Sophie and Bella. DSCN9869We all had such a good time!DSCN0108Iris had a great time playing with her cousins;DSCN9918the cake was finger-lickin’ good; DSCN0051and she got to open all sorts of wonderful presents. DSCN0001Watching Iris open her presents made me think of how I respond to the presents DSCN9861God provides for me…gifts like Jesus, faith, the Holy Spirit, and eternal life.DSCN0019Sometimes I don’t really understand what they’re all about and ignore them. DSCN0068Other times I just want to keep them all for myself and don’t want to share them!DSCN9951Lots of times I’d rather just grab my gifts & run away so nobody can bother me…DSCN9952hoping I can enjoy them all by myself without any fussing or interruptions! DSCN9883There are times when even the best gifts don’t seem to suit, DSCN9884and my Father has to speak some words of truth into my life…DSCN9885sending the Holy Spirit to make things turn out right in the end. DSCN0079Well, Iris had a wonderful day and went to bed very content. DSCN0085 So did Oliver.                 And…so did I!DSCN0013 May we all remember that God’s gifts are given not only to enjoy but to share.

“But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ…for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ…” (Ephesians 4:7,12).

4 thoughts on “What Do We Do With our Gifts?

  1. I always wanted to do quarterly birthday parties – whoever had a birthday in that quarter – they would be celebrated. Nobody else got enthused about the idea. So flexible me, decided it was one of those things not worth groveling about. I am now forcing myself to be satisfied that everyone is willing to make time for Christmas Eve and being thankful for those few precious hours.

    I know you are aware that you’ve raised a remarkable family. 🙂

    1. We really don’t get together with everyone more than once every two years for Christmas…and then it doesn’t always work. I’ve had to learn to be very happy with whoever can make it to whatever! I’m with you…every hour is precious (both special and rare). 🙂

      God has given me a remarkable family, but I know it’s all his doing, and I hope I’m never tempted to try to take credit for them.

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