D’nB’s B’nB

Dan and Brianna 2In last year’s Christmas letter, I mentioned that Dan and Brianna had moved Mike and Danback to GR, but I don’t know if I’ve told you just how fun it is to have them closer Dan and Brianna..and I’m quite sure I haven’t told you about how hospitable they are! Brianna is Brianna's family the oldest daughter in a family of 10 children…and from a long line of fruitful Brianna's FamilyByrds (e.g.: 2013 summer reunion, and we’re just talking fam and first cousins!). Dan with AmelieAlthough the Lord hasn’t gifted them with children of their own yet, they both Brianna with Illyreally love children! Brianna works as a nurse at DeVos Children’s Hospital, and Dan with Nephewsthey both spend lots of time loving up their nieces and nephews. This Christmas, Dan and Briannawe had all 27 of us together…which is more than one house could sleep, so Dan Brianna making cakeand Brianna decided to turn their home into a B’nB for the holiday season. They 313361_939695457698_1517818213_nworked really hard outfitting their two spare bedrooms to accommodate babies Daniel playing guitar    and even sent cute invitations ’round, inviting their sibs to their B’n’B! Lois by BriannaMeanwhile, someone asked if they’d be willing to sponsor an exchange student Lois and Oh…in fact TWO exchange students. Being as hospitable as they are, they said, Mr. X“Sure!” so they took in Lois (a senior from Sweden) and Oh (a freshman from Dan, Brianna, Lois, and OhSouth Korea) for the year, figuring that helping 2 kids for a school year was a Scripturesgreater good than keeping sibs for a Christmas break. HOWEVER, they still Daniel's 27th Bday by Briannawanted to help out, so they worked like beavers all fall, transforming their Dan and Brianna at Meijer w kids basement into a lovely guest area too, and over the break D’nB’s B’nB made our Jon's + Dan'sbeing all together possible (without costing a fortune in hotel bills). THANKS! 🙂

“Use hospitality one to another without grudging” (1 Peter 4:9).

6 thoughts on “D’nB’s B’nB

    1. I’ll do that! I think some of them wince a bit when I write about them, but they’re such a huge part of my life that I can’t help talk about them…at least a little now and then!

    1. That’s the truth, Jena! The picture of the scripture verses is a page Daniel made. He copies out verses that strike him as he reads and then carries them in his pocket so if he has a spare minute between patients (or where ever) he always has scriptures for meditation.

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