A Look at “Chasing God” from the Other Side

IMG_2070Last December I was offered the privilege of reading and critiquing on my blog an un-proofed manuscript by Angie Smith. The book is entitled Chasing God, and it’s just now hot off the press for 2014! For a starter, here’s my impression of Angie’s perfect target audience…IMG_2074If you: 1. Recognize a lot of angst in your life  2. Identify more with Piglet than Pooh 3. Find a kindred spirit in Doubting Thomas 4. Are ADD or have friends who are 5. Have trust issues and don’t like to obey authorities without understanding “Why?” 6. Think a road without rabbit trails is just no fun  7.  Prefer seeing how close you can get to the edge without falling over the cliff rather than hugging the inside track on a mountain 8. Say you’re a Christian but don’t seem to be making much progress as a pilgrim 9. Identify with the title Chasing God and think you might be interested in understanding what the author’s trying to describe  10. Are between 20-40…then Chasing God may be just the book for you! 10 bonus points each for liking Selah or other books by Angie. IMG_2076If you gave yourself 10 points for each “Yes, I do!” above, and you aced this quiz, then I recommend you get yourself a copy ($9.99 Kindle or $14.08 hardcover on Amazon), make yourself a steaming cup of coffee, and dive in… headlong and barefoot. It’ll take some time to reach the far shore, but when you climb out the other side, you’ll be standing on holy ground and need your shoes off anyway, so no use worrying about the January freeze. Just do it! IMG_2078At least, that’s what I did, and I wasn’t disappointed. Not because I got 120% on the quiz (don’t forget the bonus points). In truth, I would have gotten a big, fat 0%=F- if I’d taken my own quiz, but having said I would, I did. You see, I’m not a Doubting Thomas. I identify more with Matthew: “He [Jesus] saith unto him [Matthew], ‘Follow me.’ And he arose, and followed him” (Matthew 9:9). Simple, right? Found by Jesus before I knew to look for Him. Was given  FAITH (in all caps) as a gift at age 12 and have never really doubted since. Sat on the front row in school and church. Took my Bible as my daily bread and have loved sitting at the feet of Jesus every day since. I spent 10 years meditating through the Song of Solomon and experience Jesus as my heavenly husband. I talk to him constantly, and truly He is the One on whose arm I lean as I walk through the wilderness of this life!  Sometimes I argue (oh, and my husband knows how true this one is!), but I will obey, because fellowship with God is more precious to me than anything else in life. He is my life. He’s awesome and mysterious, and I’ll never comprehend Him fully or well, but He’s all I need, and I’m utterly content!IMG_2080So, I read the book because I said I would, but it was like watching someone too far away trying to swim in icy water. I worried about her. It wasn’t until she reached the other shore and sat by the fire singing with me that I knew she’d found the same God who’d found me. Angie is safe, resting in the love of God and in love with Jesus…just like I am.IMG_2075Two personalities—poles apart—but one Savior who’s rescued both of us! And, I delighted in the last couple of chapters. The Lord has given her some great insights. So, I guess even if you (like me) flunked the quiz, you might enjoy the book, particularly if you have loved ones who struggle with faith and feel like they’re chasing God rather than abiding in the Vine. He is. He sees. He loves.IMG_2079If you’re not sure if your spirit is alive or dead and haven’t yet learned to feast on the scriptures, think about giving Chasing God a try. God is so worth the search!

“And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13).

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