Making Gingerbread Boys…and Girls

IMG_0755Grace had it on her heart to make gingerbread cookies with the kids. IMG_0756Since there’s so much commotion going on, it took 2 days to get the gingerbread IMG_0757 dough prepared, chilled, and ready to roll, but boy was it worth the bother! IMG_0760Amélie oversaw the progress, IMG_0766but then she wanted to help too, so Aunt Gerlinde showed her how.IMG_0768The cookies were baked to perfection, IMG_0769and then everybody was ready to join in the fun…IMG_0771and I do mean everybody! IMG_0772We had 9 grandchildren under 7 at our house that night, IMG_0777and the only one who abstained was Sophie, who’s only a month old. IMG_0778Sophie slept through the whole party IMG_0782 and never even knew what she was missing. IMG_0779Even Judah and Baby Giles got into frosting (with a little help from their dads), IMG_0785and for those of us who really like frosting…their cookies were “the best!”IMG_0781But, I think every cookie was a masterpiece…just like ginger children. IMG_0783

Each child is so unique and so wonderful! They are really precious gifts. As I watch my kids waking up at all hours with babies, changing diapers, soothing tears, managing squabbles, doing endless loads of laundry, cleaning up after them, and trying to find time to nurture them, I remember so well the “good, old days” when our seven were little and I was more or less always exhausted. I sometimes hear young people say, “So, why would anybody ever want to have kids? They’re so much work.” True, true, but they are also so much of the stuff of life and love…tiny bundles of humanity that have the potential to enjoy life and fellowship with God and with us  forever! What a gift we can give by investing our lives in children…and what gifts they are to us as well. I wouldn’t trade mine for any amount of money or leisure!!!

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” (Psalm 127:3).

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