Top Ten ArtPrize 2013 Entries: Here they Art!

Downtown GRIf you haven’t seen the top ten entries for Art Prize 2013,   DSCN6963there’s still time to head downtown and admire them…and even cast your vote!DSCN6834Cindi took me on a guided tour yesterday, so here they are (not in any order): Botanical Exotica“Botanical Exotica”—Breath-taking glass flowers at the GRAMDSCN6829“Earth Giant”—looks like a giant troll from Norway fishing in the Grand River DSCN6861“Sleeping Bear Dune Lakeshore”—a monumental, quilted landscape… DSCN6884and here’s a wood carving that looks for all the world like a quilt! DSCN6885Doesn’t this hat look soft? It’s also made from wood. The artist is ingenious!  IMG_4832“Myth-or-Logic”—suspended bamboo, stunning behind Amway’s chandelier…DSCN6962“Tired Pandas”—playful, chewing on bamboo…but made from tires  DSCN6857“Polar Expressed”— 3, 4X6-foot paintings in acrylic of playful polar bears DSCN6888“Taking Flight”—a 13-foot figure from aluminum wire…light and airy. DSCN6887 The artist says this about his work: “For me, the piece is about uplifting the human spirit. Illuminated from within, she drifts above, representing our hopes, dreams, and feelings.”  It’s suspended from the ceiling of DeVos Center. UPlifting 2Another “UPlifting” piece is this bronze sculpture fashioned as a fountainUPliftingand celebrating the blessing of water in nurturing and sustaining life. DSCN6851Last—but by no means least— is “Dancing with Mother Nature”—DSCN6854brilliantly sculpted from driftwood and full of intricate details. DSCN6841Besides giving me a grand circle tour, Cindi treated me to a grand buffet lunch DSCN6839at Amway’s “Bentham’s Riverfront Restaurant.” What a birthday treat!! 🙂 DSCN6866If you come to GR for ArtPrize, there are hundreds of good restaurants. DSCN6965And, just for the record, there are also hundreds of excellent art exhibits, DSCN6899even though only a very few will win cash prizes. DSCN6863I’m going to show you a few more that I thought were particularly inventive. DSCN6870How about this gigantic mural of painted metal candy wrappers? DSCN6953Wouldn’t you just like to snuggle into this life-sized, hand-woven “Wool House”? DSCN6912From a distance, this huge, wall-sized circle looked like beaded pins to me,DSCN6913but when I got close, I realized it was an expression of desire for global unity. DSCN6947Some of the artwork was terribly complex, like this bold, 12X24-foot, 3-D mural. DSCN6919Some were brilliantly simple, like this image reflected from a sheet of metal. DSCN6898Ever thought about entering ArtPrize? If you’re 18 & have $50, you can! DSCN6868Meandering through the labyrinth of venues, Cindi and I imagined our entries. DSCN6926She has an idea for a fabric project, and I have a photographic dream.DSCN6826How about you? Maybe by next year, there will be a few more entries!

“For by him [Jesus] were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: and he is before all things, and by him all things consist” (Colossians 1:16).

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