Our Scrumptious German Dinner: Do Unto Others…

StrawberriesWhen you have a house full, someone’s always hungry, Ame wanting tomato and it seems like there’s always a team in the midst of either making, Dan feeding chicken to Aiden serving, DSCN4842 or cleaning up! DSCN5158Oh, and taking care of the little ones. DSCN5153Keeping the kids happily occupied DSCN5159so the parents can get the food prepared DSCN5157might actually be the most challenging job of all… IMG_3356 especially since kids seem to get hungry about every two hoursDSCN5163(like some fathers I know…Alan didn’t say Jonathan ate like a shrew when he was little without cause 🙂 ). Ham Dinner  copyWe tried to serve lots of traditional American food IMG_3293& discovered some real hits: German children don’t eat corn on the cob. They eat it already cut off…but the kids loved chewing corn off the cobs for themselves! IMG_3220We roasted hotdogs and toasted marshmallows, and we discovered that Smores copy“smores” aren’t common in Europe, but still Europeans like s’more too! Pirate foodSamuel also really loved our “pirate food” (which he explained is anything you can eat with your hands…like a pirate)! DSCN5165Linda’s family brought some special ingredients from Germany to our home too, DSCN5173and one day they prepared us an unforgettably delicious German dinner! IMG_3357And, I do mean “one day,” because it took most of the day IMG_3359to make enough extraordinary food to feed all fifteen of us. IMG_3354Also, according to their generous hospitality, IMG_3360there was more than enough of everything that anyone could possibly want.IMG_3358For instance, Linda master-minded not just one cookie-sheet-sized apple strudel IMG_3367 but two! (And, yes, they had both been devoured by the next day.) IMG_3361While some of the adults “slaved away” tirelessly in the kitchen, Kieren babysittingothers kept the children busy (and safe 🙂 ). IMG_3362Mid afternoon, there was even quite a lovely swim time to cool down.IMG_3363Aunt Brianna and Samuel put together another high chair for us. IMG_3366And, Aiden oversaw his big brother’s workmanship IMG_3365(under Uncle “Dole”‘s watchful eye). IMG_3370Finally even the watched pots had all boiled (or simmered, as some recipes necessitated), IMG_3369and it was time to serve up all the marvelous dishes! DSCN5175Uncle Johannes carved the roast beef. DSCN5178The masterpiece was complete: all hot and done perfectly at the same moment/1DSCN5177Our family is very informal and generally eats buffet style, which is so simple! DSCN5180It saves dishes, makes serving a snap…and if you want more of anything at DSCN5181anytime, it’s just so easy to get yourself more whenever you please. 🙂 DSCN5183We waited until after the children were fed and put to bed before enjoying our DSCN5184dessert and tea. The apple strudel and ice cream were “to die of” delicious (as Alan would say). Thank you, dear ones! We loved every bite.

Did you know that “The Golden Rule” (“Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you”) is not actually a verse that can be found in the Bible? Still, I believe it is a golden rule, and I couldn’t help but think of it as I sat at the table that night, enjoying all the love and hard work that went into preparing our scrumptious German dinner. Hard work is fun when it’s done for and with people you love. In fact, all of life becomes a joy when it’s a labor of love. Thank God for the joy of giving and receiving love!

“A new commandment I give you, That you love one another, as I have loved you” (John 13:34).

2 thoughts on “Our Scrumptious German Dinner: Do Unto Others…

  1. Wow, that really was a dinner! Thank you for posting the nice pictures. I hope you have recovered a bit from all those visitors. Thank you for putting up with all of us. It was a very special time!

    1. The house is back in order, but I must say I’m still missing you all…so not quite recovered from that aspect! Kathy is having us all over on Sunday, so I’ll I’ll get a little grand daughter fix…that will help! We do miss you all though!

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