A Postal Error…Curiouser and Curiouser

Some stories are big in my mind; they took hours or days to experience and hours more to tell. Other accounts—like my thoughts for today—are just tiny incidents so small they could be overlooked altogether…except…DSCN4042when Alan brought in the mail a couple of nights ago, I was busily tossing it out (since it is almost entirely “junk” mail these days) when I noticed an envelope stuck inside the folds of one of the advertising pamphlets. I pulled it out. The envelop was addressed to someone who lives in a completely different city, but I was taken with the handwriting and noticed from the return address that it was sent by a friend of mine (who lives in yet another city). Now how Lisa’s letter to Connie ended up in my mail I will never know, but I was glad I’d noticed it before tossing the paper (and the envelope) out, because it obviously contained a check! I was happy to send it along on its way. I wonder how often our well intentioned communications go astray. Maybe not just letters, but when we speak to one another. I hope that when I say or do something that might be misinterpreted or lost in translation, any kind friend who “intercepts” my message will have the grace to help the right message get through.

And then, last night another envelope arrived from some real estate company in Hawaii, addressed to my son Michael in care of me. My first thought was, “Well, I’m sure Mike’s not going to be buying anything in Hawaii for a while,” but before I tossed it out, I felt a nudge to double check (maybe from my experience the day before). In fact, the envelope contained a very hefty deposit return from the house Mike and Grace had rented in Hawaii…sent to me because the kids didn’t have their new address yet when they left Hawaii. Maybe I need to be a little slower about what I label as “junk.” 🙂

      “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)

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