Walking the International Bridge

Last weekend we enjoyed an exhilarating walk across the International Bridge.DSCN2983Have you ever walked across a really long bridge into another country? Alan and I have marveled over the grandeur of Australia while walking the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge, and we’ve reveled in the beauty of Michigan while Mackinac_Bridgeenjoying the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk. The “Mighty Mac” spans 5 miles between the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, and walking it is an ambitious morning’s activity (as our children noticed when Kathy was a toddler)! empe00_bWe’ve noticed that you can jaunt across the Pont de l’Europe from Strasbourg over the Rhine into Germany in a matter of minutes, and when we were there (years ago), you didn’t even need a passport!  Well, if you’d like the pleasure of walking an impressive bridge on a lovely summer day but don’t happen to live near Sydney or have the stamina for a 5-mile hike, consider walking the beautifulDSCN2985International Bridge between Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and her twin city, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. For the past 27 years, the two cities have been co-hosting a DSCN2918celebration of their sister-ship and international goodwill by encouraging folks to DSCN2921walk the bridge together. There are lots of festivities, some brief remarks and DSCN2931singing, and then everyone is off to walk from the Norris Center (just two doors DSCN3011 away from the house where I grew up), across the bridge, and into Soo, Ontario.DSCN2958 Alan and I grew up together in this area, and so while we were in the Soo for our DSCN2945class reunion, we thought it would be super fun to walk the bridge…and it was! 🙂 DSCN2946We got to see our hometown and the Soo Locks from a totally different angle! DSCN2960We also got a new perspective on the Canadian lock and noticed more closely theDSCN2956lovely Attikamek Trail, a 2.5 km nature walk at the “Sault Ste. Marie National DSCN2991Historic Site of Canada,” a place we’ve never visited but would now like to see! DSCN3008 This goes to show that it pays to slooow down sometimes so that you don’t miss DSCN2962anything…even if the rest of the world is hurrying by! I mean, my family moved DSCN2961 to the Soo in 1960, and from my back yard I watched the end of I-75 being built DSCN2997and the bridge going up!  Alan proposed to me at Gros Cap, Canada after  DSCN2971crossing this very bridge some 40+ years ago, and I can’t tell you how many DSCN2995times we’ve visited Canada since, but I’ve never really paid attention to the DSCN2965beautiful park just feet below where we were riding…until we walked!  The wholeDSCN2966 walk took under an hour (1.5 mi.)! When we got into Canada, we were greeted DSCN3016  by a friendly soul who gave us certificates and made us feel like real winners. DSCN2980We kept looking for classmates and never did see any, although I was delighted DSCN2967to run into Renie, a friend from Calvary Baptist Church whom I hadn’t seen since high school (although we’d reconnected through face book some time ago 🙂 )! DSCN2969After the walk, lines of school buses were ready to take us back to Michigan. We DSCN2981were fortunate enough to be among the first waves and didn’t have to wait for a bus, although there was a short wait while going through customs. (If you decide DSCN3013to go, be sure to bring your passport and $2 for the bus ride home.) In very littleDSCN3017time, we were back at the Norris Center and home, sweet home! “All too easy,” as Alan would say, and really it was very fun! So, I’m pumped about finding new things to do right under my nose (so to speak), and I hope you are too! Maybe we can all slooow down a little this summer and experience a few new things right around us, where ever we are!

“For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; in returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” (Isaiah 30:15)

8 thoughts on “Walking the International Bridge

    1. So true! I hope you can make it, though. Is there any chance you could bring your mom? I’ll bet she’d love to see everybody!

    1. I don’t blame her, since traveling is really hard as we get older. But, it was awesome to see all the older folks at Calvary, like the Pearces, the Hoaths, Mrs. Anderson, etc…and our generation, like Keith and Coralie and Lovada and Arlen. It really did my heart good to see all the young people…the next generation, taking such an active role, too!

  1. I had a wonderful time seeing all those people in 2010. The most shocking discovery was that Coralie had not changed. Being part of a very large church, and even though life groups are the life’s blood, I miss the small town/small church.

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