Kevin: The Friendliest Hawaiian I’ve Ever Met

DSCN1998So, yesterday I said I’d tell you about our new friend. Just as we were leaving  DSCN1994Alligator  Rock, we saw a gorgeous parrot sitting in a bush. As we approached, he DSCN1995 climbed  down from his perch with great speed and practically ran to greet us! DSCN1996He reached out a wing stub as if to shake our hands and called out cheerily, DSCN1997“HELLO!!” DSCN1999It was the first time in my entire life that a totally strange bird ever came up and tried to befriend me. I was totally amazed and so pleased. 🙂 DSCN2000

After we chatted for a while, it occurred to me that although I’ve been to Hawaii three times, I’ve never once had a stranger (human or bird brain) approach me out of the clear blue and strike up a conversation! (In truth, he had a very limited vocabulary, but that doesn’t change the point of his extreme friendliness.) DSCN2001Well, the folks at North Shore Christian Fellowship have been super friendly, but we also come with family when we visit there, so it’s not quite the same thing as pursuing a total stranger who’s just walking along the beach by your house.

DSCN2002At any rate, we all had quite a nice chat with him, but then we thought we’d DSCN2003better head on back to the car before the rain hit, so we reluctantly said goodbye. DSCN2005Kevin (the parrot) wasn’t convinced. He wanted to chat some more, and so he   DSCN2006started walking along the edge of his property, talking to us as we went. DSCN2007 When he got to the end of the blocks edging his beachfront yard, DSCN2008Kevin climbed up the side of the fence DSCN2010 and began walking toward us along the top of the wall! DSCN2011He was hurrying so fast I began to fear he’d fall off, and at the end ofDSCN2012the wall I knew there was a very busy highway, so I became concerned for his DSCN2013safety! Besides, he appeared to want to come home with us! Thankfully, just as I  DSCN2014 started wondering  how to get him safely back to his back yard, a young boy came

DSCN2015         out of the house and shared a few more details about this friendly parrot.DSCN2016 As it turns out, Kevin is 20 years old. He was mauled by a dog when he was pretty young. As a result, Kevin lost his entire left wing and much of his right wing, but he survived and now lives a very gregarious life with his family. He isDSCN2017 completely free to roam, although he usually stays close to home and is safe under the watchful care of this young boy and their very large, faithful dog.

Kevin inspired me! Someone small, maimed, very vulnerable, and with an extremely limited vocabulary…but absolutely driven to be friendly! If he can do it, can’t anyone? Next time you’re insecure about reaching out to greet someone, think of Kevin and take heart! Many people are probably a little on the lonely side, and most people would probably appreciate a cheery greeting at any rate. I’m willing to take the risk of being considered a birdbrain to reach out, and I hope you are too!

“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

[The “gospel” is the good news that Jesus is God made flesh, who came to earth to die for our sins so that by faith in Him we can have eternal life.]

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