Graduation Aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Pearl Harbor

DSCN1264 World War 2 began and ended for the U.S. in Pearl Harbor.  DSCN1247 It began on  December 7, 1941 with a terrifying sudden attack by the Japanese, DSCN2329 and it ended 4 years later after some 70 million lives had been lost world-wide DSCN2346 with the unconditional surrender of the Japanese aboard the U.S.S. Missouri… DSCN2372also in Pearl Harbor. Today the U.S.S. Missouri is a naval base in Pearl Harbor, DSCN2127and it was a great privilege to attend the army’s graduation ceremony for DSCN2223Michael and his four classmates, who’ve just earned their M.S. in Comprehensive DSCN2137 Dentistry with the army. Grace and the other spouses were also honored, since DSCN2121behind every awesome man is an awesome woman.  DSCN2156It was a grueling but extremely positive 2-years of learning all the various specialties within dentistry designed to equip Mike and his 4 classmates to be DSCN2276able to provide specialized dental care in various army venues. (This is Mike with Colonel Greenwood, who helped lead the program and mentor Michael.) DSCN2182Michael gave a special address as the student representative…a humorous, DSCN2367warm, and very touching tribute that encouraged us to be true to ourselves, our DSCN2227families, our country, and our God. After the solemnities, the graduates were DSCN2203adorned with leis by friends and family. (His girls could hardly wait! 🙂 ) DSCN2281Aaron & Pualani (their best friends from church) and their 5 daughters also   DSCN2214 came to the ceremony and adorned Michael with leis. (Note their 3-year-old, DSCN2215holding up a candy lei…which Mike’s girls loved…and loved sharing!) DSCN2224After taking lots of pictures and a grand tour of the ship (and museum on board), DSCN2393we went home with our prizes (Mike’s family) to continue celebrating! DSCN2110I guess you can imagine how happy and delighted we are!

“A wise son makes a glad father [and mother :)]” Proverbs 15:20.

5 thoughts on “Graduation Aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Pearl Harbor

  1. This is wonderful. I loved your pictures. And I never saw a lei made with lots of candy bars before! Congratulations to Mike. It was great that you and Alan could be there. You all look so well.

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