Aspiration for Heavenly Homes

“Aspiration for Heavenly Homes”11           Where our start was, where our heart is, where our soul finds rest,         Feet on earth but head in heaven, all that’s best and blessed. 09                         Life beginning, love unending, liberty for all,                          Gracious living, free forgiving, mercy when we fall.03                         God’s creation, firm foundation, sanctified and sure,               Bathed in prayer and free from care, our standard: All that’s pure.Baby Boy J.                From conception no deception, truth and justice face,                       Gentle starts with humble hearts prepare the way for grace.04                            Christ exalted, evil halted, beauty everywhere,                         Spirit-gifted, burdens lifted, fragrance in the air.02      The Word revered and prayers are heard at dawn and dusk each day,     Where hearts commune from moon to moon o’er work, at rest, in play.10                  Cottage castle, not much hassle, alive with warmth and joy,           Worth defending from offending, hurtful jest or ploy.08              Warmth and passion more than fashion, the marriage bed protect,        Both young and old are in the fold and treated with respect.01                        Inspiration’s affirmations written on the walls,                       Heartfelt praises, thankful phrases echo through the halls. 07                                   Sanctuary, very merry, every meal a treat,                               Not too worried, nor too hurried, still enough to eat. Dan and Brianna at wedding               God beholding, faith unfolding, hope that grows within,                 Content living, freely giving peace, goodwill t’ward men.05                        Wisdom spoken, vices broken, holiness is found.                           True needs mentioned, good-intentioned, golden deeds abound.12                             Sacrificial, non-judicial help in time of need,                              Kind words spoken, no hearts broken, comfort when we bleed.Christmas 2011                  Heartaches mended, lies rescinded, spirits free at last.                    Happy laughter, peace hereafter, sorrow’s in the past.

(—Kathryn W. Armstrong, April 2, 2013)Cousin Fun“Now the fruit of the spirit is this, love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness,       goodness, faith, humility, self-control: against such there is no law.”      (Galatians 5:22-23)06

Yesterday I visited my niece Andrea and enjoyed their newest addition, little Gabriel John, and then I drove over to spend the day with my daughter, Kathy, and her daughter, Iris. (Yes, the ultrasounds are of Kathy and Carl’s new little BOY who’s on the way!) While traveling, I called my “Little Sister” Lizzie, who just left a lifetime of living in the Chicago area and moved down to Atlanta with her husband. Being NaPoWriMo, both home and poetry were on my mind as I drove home across the state, and this poem emerged while I was praying for myself and my family, and wishing the blessings of heaven on every home, no matter where, no matter who, no matter how many—one or a dozen—young and old, rich and poor. May we reach for heaven in our home until we reach our home in heaven!

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