Wide-Eyed at the Magic Kingdom

IrisYesterday I shared a few highlights of the Magic Kingdom’s size-doubling 15 Jungle Cruisetransformation, but today I want share pictures from some of Disney’s 14 Traintime-honored classic rides and traditions that have been updated from time to 19 Speedwaytime but are basically unchanged since the inception of Disney Land back in the 18 Wedway People Mover1950’s, when I tracked around behind my brother Wolle and sister Annie with a coupon book in hand. A generation later, after I married Alan and we had kids,Small World, Small Wonder “It’s a Small World” was often one of the first rides we’d Excited!take our kids on, and it was pretty much traditionally always the last ride, since 12 Small Woldwe liked leaving them with images of happy children from all over the world 18 Astro Orbitersinging together. Jonathan was riding Star Jets by the time he was 3-weeks old. It’s now called the Astro Orbiter…but it’s the same high flyin’ fun! One new ride,18 Buzz Lightyearthat’s really a blast is “Buzz Lightyear’s” galactic ride. I usually do very poorly, but one year I maxed it out at 999,999…although I have no clue how I did it! 🙂19 Magic CarpetAnother somewhat recent addition are the flying carpets of Aladdin…rather like Dumbo, but for those of us with a passion for flight…still magically fun! By mid-19 Sun hat…won't stay on!afternoon, it’s usually pretty hot and sunny, but keeping hats on is a challenge!19 Wanting dolly from another strollerJPGThere’s also the traditional melt-down where kids “hit the wall.” Carl and Kathy are such good parents! They took Iris home for a nap, but Alan and I still carried16 Sundaes on our tradition of stopping at Main Street’s Ice Cream Parlour for a snack and a17 Celebrate Parade rest before watching the 3:00 pm parade. I know a 12-hour marathon of fun is 17 Paradetoo grueling for the smallest fries, but for those who can handle it, the afternoon 17 Prince and Princessesparade, evening electric parade, and end-of-the-day fireworks are truly 12 It's a Small Wolrdunforgettable highlights.  Of course, if you’re going to stay until 8 pm, dinner 20 Columbia Habour Househas to be on the agenda at some point, & our favorite spot is the Harbor House.23 TinkerbellThe Magic Kingdom’s electric parade is a visual feast with hundreds of 23 Pete' Dragonthousands of brilliant colored lights illuminating floats and people, all 23 Pinnochiosynchronized with playful music. One of the most recent and most eye-catching 23 Seven Dwarfsadditions is the bejeweled train of the 7 dwarfs loaded down with sparkly gems.21 Castle at NightThe electric parade starts at 7:00 pm, and just minutes after it ends, the laser 22 Laser show 2show begins. This is one of the marvelous “something news.” Cinderella’s castle 22 Laser Light Showbecomes a canvas for images exploding with color and choreographed to visualize a potpourri of romantic Disney love songs. The grand finale is a 24 Fireworksfireworks show that leaves you smiling and a little breathless! There seems to be 25 Throngs heading Home a quiet contentment among the crowds as we moved slowly toward the exit, and 25 Boat ride home

somehow the glowing full moon above the harbor was the perfect benediction of peace and goodwill! I know that Disney is about “fantasy” and not daily “reality,” and I also know that on this earth we mere humans will never be as fantastic or exotic as Disney, but God does call us to be lights shining in the darkness and beacons of peace and goodwill on earth. No matter how humble, may we let our lights shine…”not purloining [robbing], but showing all good faithfulness, that they [we] may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things” (Titus 2:10).

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