Frosty Mornings

It never occurred to me that the term “frosting” for cake is doubtless related tothe delicate, white coating that frosts our morning lawns and countryside once temperatures start dipping below freezing on cold autumn nights.Alan and I arise well before the sun and start our day with steaming cups of teawhile poring over the scriptures and praying together, so even on the days whenhe’s home long enough for me to feed him a good, hot breakfast, it’s stillearly and the swans are sleeping sweetly amidst the steam rising from our lakewhen I head out with Abby for our morning walk.It takes a while before the sunshine creeps down from the tops of the trees to warm up the blackberry bushesand peonies.Many flowers are past, but the star-spangled frost crowns old Queen Anne’s lace,adds a lustrous fulness to the aging, white-haired golden rod,and lends an air of glory to the expiring milkweed pods.Most of the lofty, scarlet sumac leaveshave fallen to the ground,and most of the color has drained from the landscape,but I noticed that as the sun climbed higher in the sky,it melted the frost,and highlighted many little bits of fruit that still remained. And so, I paused to thank the Lord for his goodness through all the seasons of life and to ask him for the sunshine of his presence to warm my soul so that, if possible, I might be among those of whom it is said:“They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green” (Psalm 92:14)

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