Camp Armstrong Fun and Games

I’m always amazed to find that sometimes the simplest diversions are the most fun for youngsters (and oldsters too). Uncle Dan and Aunt Brianna had the brilliant idea of having the grand kids decorate paper table cloths for us. The kids had so much fun that pretty soon creative urges were overtaking the adults, and    by suppertime everyone could tell where they should sit by the artistry.         (My place is that second picture I showed you, loving decorated by the grands:) )Not all the fun was done while just sitting or standing around, though.There was a lot of actionat our nearby township park, both on the courtsand on the playground equipment!Of course, some of us worked harder at having funthan others!But on our volleyball court (a perennial favorite) everybody worked hard at playing!So, let the games begin! This is Joel serving…and Gerlinde serving…and thenthings started to getfastand faster, high and higher, wild and woolier,hot and hotter,until even Grandpa was hot and Reuben was catching and throwing like a champ! (That’s the privilege of our littlest teammates.)Okay, so after a good workout, it was time to cool down in the pool!And, play with those littlest guyswho were a bit too timid to tackle the court with the adults…at least just yet.This was Baby Amelie’s maiden voyage into a swimming pool…she hung tough!Another major pleasure was kayaking. Here is Uncle Dan with Reuben,Grandpa with Gideon (Hey, somebody’s resting! Get that paddle in, boy!),and Daddy Aaron with Baby Reid, who never wants to miss a trick (like Jon used to be as a baby too)!

Well, Tanglewood Cottage may not be Disney World, but we had a super relaxed and fun family reunion for a fraction of the cost and possibly even more fun.

  “Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.”   (1 Chronicles 16:10)

2 responses to “Camp Armstrong Fun and Games

  1. I LOVE all the pictures. It’s so wonderful that your kids have each other and can all spend time together despite being scattered all over the place. It gives me happy dreams of what it might be like for my kids someday when they’re all grown up and starting their own families.

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