Happy Little Homemakers

(How can this man look so bright-eyed first thing in the morning???)

Although Mike is up and at ’em long before his girls awaken,it’s obvious he has a big impact on them. I mean, how many two-year-olds do you know who demand to floss their teeth after breakfast?A day like today is the homemaker’s pot of gold: no special demands… just a day to catch up on things like cleaning up the bedroomsand washing up all the Mt. Armstrong laundry.Eowyn is actually able to be quite helpfuland Sissy is doggedly determined to be a good helper too!Of course, as even Pooh Bear knows—all hard working kids deserve a smackeral of something for “elevensies,”or, as the Hobbits also call it, a second breakfast.After catching a second something and a second wind, it was off to the library!I remember taking my own kids to the Ann Arbor Public Library every week when they were little. The baby rode into the library in the stroller with the returning books in bags, but on the way out Aaron would push the stroller (loaded down with the prized new books) and I would carry the baby in my arms.Cerulean obliged us all by taking an especially long afternoon nap,which made it particularly easy for Nana to watch the kids (and read them close to a zillion of their new library books) while Mama slipped out for a little while to visit the doctor before making a wonderful dinner.After dinner, Daddy had to study hard in preparation for work tomorrow, so the girls enjoyed an exceptionally long tubby time writing on the walls with their new “paints” from Aunt Naomiand then scrubbing down the walls until they were all sparkly clean!Even Baby Blue got tubbed and scrubbed before he was tucked into bed.

It’s always exciting to have a big day of adventures, but aren’t the little days of adventure even sweeter and more homey in some ways? Instead of going to bed exhausted, the kids go to bed with a sense of quiet satisfaction over a day of simple industry and pleasure… and with happy little sighs of contentment. 🙂

“A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband” (Proverbs 12:4).

5 responses to “Happy Little Homemakers

  1. Fantastic post. Love the pics ad storyline aroud it. Started me day off with great joy! Thank you for posting!

  2. Hey, whose bed is that in the front corners of the two bedroom pix, the one with the green duvet? Our little Faith has the exact same bedding! And I can’t tell for sure in the picture, but it looks like the black iron bed has the same duvet as Caitlin does. Is it white with yellow stars?

  3. Yes! The one with yellow stars belongs to Eowyn, and the green duvet is Nycteris’! How fun is that? Great cousins must think alike. 🙂

    • Thank you for the warning. I’ll take down the pictures of the kids in the tub today…and it really makes me think about how to deal with a lot of my posts about our grand kids. It’s sad that the world has become such a perverse place, but I’m glad you took the time to warn me about the potential for trouble.

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