Happy Halloween

None of the Michigan kids have kids yet, but hey—we decided to carve jack-o-lanterns anyway! 🙂

(Of course, Kathy and Carl have a punkin’ on the way…)I love how even carved-out faces have personality!I mean, is Tragdor looking fearsome, or what?Even though we couldn’t actually have our party with everybody, we were able to get lots of vicarious pleasure out of sharing over skype! Note that even baby Reid really got into the act!

Well, I hope everyone has a safe, fun evening and comes home with lots of treats!

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. You guys are really cool! Just gave a talk about the origin of Hallowe’en to 18 women and the Irish traditions and food that with with it. Then I had them paint masks. They loved it and said, they had never painted anything since they were children, except perhaps a wall. (Masks were worn, so that the roaming spirits wouldn’t recognise you and take you with them!) We had no pumkins to carve (in Ireland it was originally turnips). That would have been a lot more work!

  2. I’m glad to know there are European Christians who don’t think our tradition is “heathen!” We grew up carving pumpkins, and Alan and I decided to continue enjoying holiday traditions as long as we didn’t think they ran contrary to the Scriptures. I always wanted my kids to have all the wholesome fun they could, since we tried to opt out of anything that seemed dangerous or tainted. Happy, funny faces are a good thing, I think—even on pumpkins!

  3. You are tooooooo cute! I love it how your adult children still indulge you in doing their childhood traditions! Now THAT is special. What a neat group of kids you have.

  4. Never thought of that, but I guess you’re right! There’s a lot of Peter Pan in all of us…we ALL (even me) love doing all the “fun stuff”!!

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