Pets and Vets

Here I am in my new (used) car, taking Abby to the vet. I’m obviously a great driver…

Well, maybe not really! But, I did take Abby, Davy, and Molly all to the vet on the same day. Fortunately, it only happens once a year, and for all my anxiety over the dread day, they really did very well. Some years Davy disappears altogether (I have no clue how he “knows” it’s the day) and doesn’t show up until supper time, well after the clinic is closed. The cats used to barricade themselves under the seats and were harder than leeches to extract. Then, I got them each their own cute little kitty carrier. Not much of an improvement, since they would extend all four paws and about 90 claws like electrified Sylvesters, making dislodgement a nigh-unto-impossible battle of the cerebellums. Do you know what I’m talking about, or are your pets perfectly relaxed, compliant, and well behaved?

Ah, well, and I find myself resisting the trials of life with equally grim and unknowledgeable determination. Why all the fuss? God knows what he’s doing, and if I need a shot, then I need a shot!

“…continue in the faith…we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22).

4 thoughts on “Pets and Vets

  1. Our dog is so friendly that he LOVES going to the vet. I suppose cats aren’t usually friendly, though.

    And Jena, you don’t have time for pets. You should definitely not feel guilty.

  2. Just heard from the person looking after our dog, that she couldn’t get him to go into the Vet’s surgery. So the Vet had to come out and give him his yearly shot in the hall! Poor old Darcy hates going there.

  3. Sarah, you must have a wonderful vet that he/she would go to Mr. Darcy! At his advanced age, I think he deserves a little special attention!

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