From Bowl and Pitcher to Nigeria and Back

Jon and Linda took us on a royal tour of their work places. Jon totally loves teaching. I relate! My experience teaching introductory psychology at CMU as a graduate assistant was a super happy high point of my academic career!Linda is also thriving at the clinic where she works as in speech pathology, although it is extremely challenging for her, because she works primarily with autistic children.After a delightful tour of their workplaces, we stopped for a lunch break at a little German deli near campus. It’s always fun to hear Linda and Jon chattering away in German with people!After lunch, we took a hike along the Spokane River in “Bowl and Pitcher” State Park…so named because the huge boulder on the left looks somewhat like a pitcher about to pour water into the bowl of the river.The Spokane River comes straight down from the mountains and is not only crystal clear, it’s ice cold! Alan was too smart to jump in for a swim, but those of us who are still kids at heart (or just plain nuts), couldn’t resist. It was in the 90°s out, and we were hot from our big hike! (At least, that was our excuse. 🙂 )The swim got us in the mood to really enjoy grilling brats for our picnic supper. J+G have the coolest restaurant in town, as far as I can tell!

This past week, Jonathan has been team teaching with a national pastor in Nigeria. He’ll be returning to the U.S. soon, the Lord willing. If you think of him, I’d appreciate your praying not only for him, but for everyone who has to travel home from this seminar over the weekend.Travel is dangerous due to civil unrest and crime. Bandits like to put logs across the road in the remote areas (where they are), and when travelers get out of their vehicles to remove the logs, then the bandits will rob/steal/kill…whatever. May the Lord be merciful to all the dear souls who are studying God’s word together. It is mind-boggling to consider how difficult life is in many countries. I hope those of us who enjoy relative safety and civilization appreciate these great blessings, because they are uncommon, not commonplace!

“For you have delivered my soul from death: will you not deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living?”  (Psalm 56:13)

P.S.—Today Grace is also flying home…across 6 time zones with Eowyn and Nycteris after a week-long adventure stateside for her sister Naomi’s wedding. I’m sure she’d love prayers for a peaceful transit too (as would probably everybody else who ends up on the same planes with those two adorable little fireballs of energy! 🙂 )

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

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