Oblivious of Death

I spent the day with the “Birthday Club,” (Susan and Cindi), happily flitting like butterflies through Meijer Garden…

basking in the warmth of sunshine on flowers,

and wonderful friends,

tropical plants…

and dozens (hundreds?) of colorful butterflies.

Next, we went out to a Thai restaurant for a long, leisurely lunch, chattered, opened presents, and giggled like carefree junior-high girls!

We ended up at my house for coffee, sharing, and prayer. It was pretty close to a perfectly happy day!

At the dinner table, Alan asked me, “Did you even hear about the earthquake and the 30-foot tidal wave that hit Japan today?”

I was dumbfounded. No. I had not heard. I had been totally oblivious.

How many lives were lost? How many people were injured?

While I spent the day joyfully, untold thousands of people spent the day in sheer terror…and a terror that will go on and on.

I feel so helpless, halfway around the world. I can pray. I can send money to help with the relief efforts, but largely, I can only stand by and watch.

But, what about the massive number of people around me who are dying without having found eternal life? That is even more terrifying…and it’s something I can do something about…if I only will!

“Jesus…saith unto him, ‘Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee’.” (Mark 5:19)

One response to “Oblivious of Death

  1. Good point. There is incredible pain and sorrow going on right in our own neighborhoods right now. May the Lord help us to be aware of it and find ways to spread Christ’s healing.

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