Fort Wilderness Campground…Disney’s Best!

Alan and I just got back from a wonderful week of camping at Fort Wilderness.

We “camped” in our motor home. Not only do we love the quiet and beauty of the great out of doors, we really enjoy being able to fix our own food: lots of fresh fruits and veggies, grilled meat, and no need to ever overeat!

During the days, Alan worked on some continuing medical education courses on pain management and risk management, while I worked on my writing.

Interspersed throughout the day, we’d take little breaks to swim or walk.

And on Wednesday we took the whole day off and went to Epcot.

It was their 15th year of having an International Food Festival in the fall, so we “ate our way around the world” that day, tasting marvelous ethnic cuisine from dozens of countries.

The landscaping at Epcot makes it a pleasure just to meander around the park-like settings, although we did take in a few of our favorite rides and travelogues at the World Showcase.

The evening always ends with a fantastic “Illuminations” fireworks, music, and laser show and a rather nostalgic trip home past the giant “golf ball” while somewhere epic music is being broadcast: “Moving on…through the good times and the bad.” This year, it was particularly poignant for us.

We drove down and back alone for the first time since our honeymoon, but it still only took 24 hours down and 25.5 going back. We talked constantly the whole way (when we weren’t napping) and felt very restored and refreshed by our week of golden, sunny days and revival. What a blessing!

3 thoughts on “Fort Wilderness Campground…Disney’s Best!

  1. Your first Disney camping trip just the two of you. That’s pretty momentous. I’m glad it was such a refreshing time. And I am *shocked* that you made it down there and back so fast. I don’t think I could do that. I would have to stop and sleep. I know you slept while you traveled, but I only sleep fitfully in a moving vehicle, especially if I’m worried the driver might fall asleep. You are amazing.

  2. Well, we’ve camped at Disney before, but it’s the first time we’ve driven rather than flown. In fact, I sleep very poorly in a car, but in the motor home I sleep like a baby rocked in a cradle. That’s also the real reason we made such good time…we never had to stop for anything except gas. Kids under 16 have to be buckled in, but kids over 16 have no restrictions except in the front seats. I called the state police to verify that, but they say it’s true and that motor homes rarely ever get in accidents. I guess people are very careful when they drive.

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