Time to Say Goodbye

Well, it was a great three weeks, but we had to let Grace and the girls head off to see their Philly family.

But, not before a swim, a snack…

And a good night’s sleep!

Our airport graciously gave me a pass so I could help with the girls until the plane left. Just before boarding, Grace gave the girls a good snack…and then away they went!

Nana will sure miss her girls! I am so glad there will be no sad partings in heaven.

4 thoughts on “Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Oh, those beautiful pictures brought tears to my eyes! I especially loved the one of you and Nycteris smiling at each other.

    P.S. Have you decided to be called “Nana?” I’m very interested in this naming of grandparents thing. I grew up calling both of my grandmothers “Grandma,” but neither of my mothers wanted to be called that, so my kids have no “Grandmas,” which, I must admit, feels pretty strange.

  2. We are “Papa” and “Nana” to Eowyn and Nycteris because it was easy to say and Eowyn somehow just started calling us that. I’m not sure what Aaron’s kids are going to go with. Right now we are “Little Grandpa” and “Little Grandma” and Carleen’s parents are “Big Grandpa” and “Big Grandma.” There’s a bit of a catch there, since Alan and Candy don’t feel particularly flattered by their designations. I grew up with two grandmas and grandpas and so did Alan, and we assumed it would work just fine. On the other hand, we’re fine with Papa and Nana, except Carleen calls her dad Papa and so isn’t happy with Dad being Papa also. (I think, or else it’s her grandfather that she calls Papa.) At any rate, Alan and I aren’t particular and have decided to let the kids and grand kids sort it all out! As long as they visit, we’re happy!

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