Weekend High Lights

This is the third weekend in a row where we experienced major ups and downs in our lives. Last weekend, the big birthday party I’d planned for Alan’s friends at the hospital ended up being preempted by the funeral of a very elderly but very faithful board member/foundation supporter of his hospital. This past Friday was the funeral of his 89-year-old cousin and WW II vet (who had worked as a radio-control officer all the way through the war, including the Battle of the Bulge). Each week, there have also been wonderful “Ups” too, though! Now,  you may have doubts about whether or not a wedding where this was the cake-top decoration was an upper or a downer…

In fact, it was a very happy wedding for Jeremy and Annie! They just happened to meet at L.S.S.U. in the police training program. As it turns out, they are both sharp-shooters! Jeremy (who grew up at our chapel and was an invaluable worker on our youth mission trips over the years), has taken a position with the state police in Wyoming, so it was a bitter-sweet day! We will miss them, but I’m sure they’ll be appreciated out in the “wild west!”

Sunday (after a couple of weeks of mad scramble to try to get the house in semi-decent shape), we had Stephen’s graduation open house.

The open house was hugely fun!

Good food is sort of a must…but

one of the special parts for me was seeing Stephen so much enjoy not only the young people, but the adults who came to greet him!

(Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy talking to such lovely ladies??)

This left Joel in charge of keeping the volley ball court fun

and the swimming pool!

Lots of the  kids cooled down in the pool.

I even got to spend a wonderful afternoon talking to various friends, thanks to the faithful help of Cindi, Rhonda, Steve, Brian, and especially Susan (far right), who spent her entire time working in the kitchen!

We were all very tired and happy after it was all over last night!

However, not too tired! Cindi, Susan, and I have a “birthday club,” and this morning we took Susan out for breakfast to the Omelet Shop…

and for a stroll along the Grand River…ending up with tea, frozen bananas, and presents.

What a privilege and joy it is to have such precious friends. I’m so grateful for my husband and kids, for our church family, and for dear sisters in Christ!

“A friend loves at all times.”

One response to “Weekend High Lights

  1. My, what a whirlwind! I’m so sorry to have missed Stephan’s open house. Sundays are out of the question for us right now because in the afternoons we host the people who travel to get to our church, and in the evenings we host the whole church for breaking of bread and the fellowship dinner. Sigh. It looks like he had a wonderful time!

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