Greenfield Village

They say the top tourist attractions in Michigan are Frankenmuth, Mackinac Island, and Greenfield Village. Gerlinde had seen the first two, but I wanted to make sure she got to see Greenfield Village before she and Jonathan left for the summer.

Also, Jonathan has been crazy about trains since he was little, and I wanted to make sure he got another chance! Here comes a real-live steam locomotive to take us for a ride…the oldest continuously operated steam locomotive in the country!

Greenfield Village is like a museum park…full of original buildings from historic America. Here is the Wright Brother’s Cycle Shop from Dayton, OH. The plaque mentions that it was a mere 65 years from the inception of flight at Kitty Hawk until Neil Armstrong and the American team were walking on the moon!

This is Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park lab, transported from New Jersey. Over the course of his lifetime, he patented over 1000 inventions, perhaps the most famous being the electric light, although he also did lots of work with phonographs and sound recordings, ETC!

Greenfield Village was a heritage gift from Henry Ford, who began mass production of cars. His childhood home was only 3.5 miles from the site, and in 1929 he had his home transported here as one of the earliest additions. This is his kitchen as he remembered it as a child.

We pretty much spent the day enjoying the park…which means by mid-afternoon we needed to stop for an ice cream break. Jon and Linda treated us all!

This is the Logan County Courthouse where Abe Lincoln practiced law, transported from Illinois

We stopped at a milliner’s shop to try on some lovely hats…

And enjoyed lots of settings from colonial America.

And a few from other places as well. This is the oldest building, a lovely stone cottage from the 1600’s, brought over from Cotswold, England

If you ever get to the Detroit area, you might enjoy visiting!

2 thoughts on “Greenfield Village

  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Would you believe that I haven’t been since I was around four and you took me? My only really solid memory is of the candy sticks in the general store. Gene grew up taking nearly every out of state visitor his family ever had to Greenfield Village, so it’s old hat to him, though. I’ll have to hire him as my tour guide sometime.

  2. Love your memory of the candy sticks! They were great. I didn’t see them this time, but then again…maybe I wasn’t looking, not having little ones with us! Our kids hadn’t been in ages either! It is really interesting though, and your kids would love it sometime.

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