Yearly Physical and Weight Watchers


Yesterday I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. My blood pressure was high …. My cholesterol was high ……. I’d gained some weight, and I didn’t feel so hot.

My doctor said eating right doesn’t have to be complicated and it would solve my physical problems. He said: Just think in colors. Fill your plate with bright colors. Try some greens, oranges, reds, maybe something blue, etc. So I went right home and ate an entire bowl of

And sure enough, I felt better immediately. I never knew eating right could be so easy !!!

Well, this might not be completely accurate, but I did go in for my yearly physical this morning. Actually, my blood pressure was good and I’d lost a little weight, so I’m a pretty happy camper, although my left hip is now hurting, and it looks like I’m headed for another hip surgery.

Also, I keep forgetting to update you on Weight Watchers. I go tomorrow for this week’s “check up,” but so far I’ve lost 11 pounds in 11 weeks. I’m afraid I won’t fare so well for the next few weeks, but I’m definitely a fan of eating right, exercising, and losing weight! So, keep the colors coming, but maybe skip the M’n’Ms!


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