Such Industry!

Linda is a speech therapist, and she and Jonathan missed out on our spring break so that she could take her exam to become a board-certified therapist here in the U.S. For the entire week while Linda was slaving over her books in preparation for the exam, Jonathan was slaving away repainting the main part of our house, which has never had a fresh dab of paint since it was built twenty years ago!After Linda’s exam was over, she began helping Jonathan too! In fact, she stayed up until 3:00 am the night before we returned just to make sure the kitchen was functional and we could walk through the house enough to unload our gear! What a woman. 🙂 (I think Jonathan was also working preparing his message for Sunday school the next day.)

After our return, Joel joined in and helped out with the ceiling. It’s turned from a smokey, dingy brownish color (from years of fires and smoky kitchen cuisine?) to a brilliant, spacious white. I LOVE it!

The intrepid painters even did the peaks of the chapel ceiling above the stairwell, proving that Linda is truly as brave as a barrel full of bears!

I was reading the account of the 10 lepers who were cleansed this morning in Luke 17, and I noticed something that had never struck me before. Jesus seems to equate giving thanks with glorifying God. I want it on record that I am extremely thankful to God for about a zillion things, but a few on my mind at this moment include returning safely just this week from our wonderful vacation, a warm and loving family, and kids and kids-in-law who are living life with courage and godly grace! Thank you, GOD!! May you receive all the glory and praise for your wonderful kindness to the children of men!

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