Wild Game Night

That’s not as in “a night of revelry,”  but as in…we got to eat a fabulous buffet of caribou kabobs, venison sausage, bacon-wrapped elk meat rolls with spinach and cheese, bear “on a stick,” squirrel dumplings, quail under glass (well, maybe not under glass, but it was my favorite), Alaskan halibut with capers, and salmon. WOW!!!

Gerlinde bravely enjoying  in a new American cultural adventure: eating “Bear Kabobs”

I’ll tell you, the chefs at our church are second to none!

After the truly interesting dinner party, there was a “hunters’ seminar” led by Tracy Breen, who’s hunted just about everything you can imagine in 25 of the American states plus Canada and maybe further afield. He’s an outdoor sports writer and inspirational speaker…had tons of tips for hunters, told lots of exciting stories from his hunts (and hunting accidents), and ended up challenging us to chase God the way we might chase after something we’re hunting. This thought occurred to him as he was dragging himself back to his car after shooting himself in the leg one evening. He said it was a transforming realization, and ever since, hunting and writing is his career, but his true passion is seeking God! Afterward, Linda posed by one of the deer. You can see Tracy on the left and Jonathan grinning on the right!

After we returned home, we all enjoyed another American—and German—culinary delight: Linda’s apple pie! What a way to end a grand evening!

“As the deer pants after the waterbrook, so pants my soul  after thee, O God” (Psa. 42:1).

4 thoughts on “Wild Game Night

  1. Thank you for the lovely photos of my daughter enjoying herself.

    That evening was a very original idea! Food looks great!!!!!!

  2. I wish you dad could meet him; he’s awesome!

    I’m not even sure who all helped with the meat or where they got it. They mentioned the man who gave us all the quail, but I’d never seen him before! It was really fun, and challenging!

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