Tiny Impressions

For a good two weeks after Christmas, I cherished a little boot print from our grandson Reuben that had been preserved in the frozen ice along the edge of our driveway. I remembered how Alan’s mother used to write and say she could hardly bear to clean off Aaron’s (Reuben’s father) little hand prints on the picture window in their living room after we’d been visiting. Well, this past week the snows covered the print, and now our January thaw has melted it away. I wish I’d taken a picture, but the happy memory of him trudging along will remain with me!

I was able to capture some tiny bird tracks from below our bird feeder. Totally charming. It’s remarkable to me that I could be so delighted by such little things. Little things can make very big and lasting impressions on our mind—for good or bad! Oh, Lord, I do so want my tiny footprints to leave happy, uplifting impressions on the minds of those around me.

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