That Christmasy Feeling

Have you got your shopping done yet? I am ALMOST done, and this year I’ve even been able to keep up with the wrapping…more or less. Once our tree is up, both Molly (our tabby cat) and Davy (pictured above) love to sleep behind the Christmas tree. I think it makes them feel all snug and safe. They can watch the world go by (our small world), and Abishai, our 125-pound German shepherd, can’t get them!

Are you feeling all Christmasy and happy? Alan and I went to the eye doctor Friday only to hear what we expected: Alan has severe cataracts developing and will need surgery in both eyes. We scheduled the surgeries for January. Just when I was hoping that 2010 would be a little easier…well, maybe not so fast! However, I want you to know that Alan and I are safe and secure spiritually, tucked in behind our Christ tree (the cross), knowing that our adversary (Satan) can’t really get us! Because of Christ’s death on the cross to pay for our sins (and the sins of any who accept His redemption), we have His eternal life and can’t really be “caught” even though we can be frightened at times. I’m not so different from our kitties: I love being safe under my Christ-mas tree

3 thoughts on “That Christmasy Feeling

  1. I will be praying for you! Am also praying for Sarah on her way back to Erlangen, and all my kids traveling…and for everybody on the roads. Be careful! There’s a big storm warning just north and west of Michigan.

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