Getting Closer

Jon and Gerlinde wedding photo with our familyStill not done with my catch up, but here’s one picture of our family at the wedding. From left to right: Aaron, me, Stephen, Jon, Gerlinde, Alan, Joel, Grace, Eowyn, and Michael.

The honeymooners deapart!Here is the happy couple on their way to a wonderful chalet in Switzerland where they spent their honeymoon hiking in the Alps. I still don’t have my pictures of the wedding (which we had to down load onto Joel’s computer at the wedding so we could take more!), but if you have Face Book, Gerlinde and various members of our family now have lots of pictures up. I will try to make some albums tomorrow of our trip, since we not only had a spectacular time at the wedding, we had an exceptionally interesting time touring with Gerlinde’s parents and an incredibly fun week with Michael and Grace, ending with a tour of Vienna, Venice, and Florence for Alan, Stephen, Joel, and me. In all, it was a truly delightful and memorable holiday.

4 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. Jon’s coming back Wednesday, but Gerlinde doesn’t come until Oct. 12 for immigration purposes, although now she’s come down with mono (they think) and is very sick. 😦 Fortunately, they are with her parents who will continue to care for her after Jon leaves. She’s supposed to go back to work next week, though, unless she gets a doctor to say she can’t. With her high fever, she certainly shouldn’t be trying to go back to work. 😦

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