Baby Steps

Did any of you see the video, “What About Bob?” I can’t remember it well enough to know if I’d really recommend it, but as one who works with the psychiatric population, Alan could hardly stop laughing (almost to tears) and cringing the entire time. At any rate, the starring hero writes a book called Baby Steps, making the point that growth and healing come most often not through giant leaps, but by taking one little step at a time.

I have been practicing Baby Steps of late! Today’s first was managing to hobble down the long flight of stairs to our basement to fix a breaker for the guy who came to pump out our septic tank. Theoretically, I’m still supposed to avoid stairs, but there was no one but me to do it at the time, and necessity—as they say—is indeed the mother of work, or mothers work hard at being inventive, or however…

Imagine a clean septic tank. We have to have it drained every three years. Slurp. Gunck out. Made me appreciative of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Mind full of trash? Heart full of troubles? Do any of you suffer from an overly active cingulate gyrus the way Alan and I sometimes do? Never heard of it? Well, maybe that will be a different post one of these days. But, I am glad that there’s a way off the gerbil wheel in my brain. “A door of hope” is another way of saying it. When my mind spins or runs endless mazes and I can’t find the way out, I just bring it all to the Lord, dump it at his feet, and say, “Lord, I can’t figure this out, but I’m going to trust you with it. Please take care of it, will you, and I’ll stop even thinking about it for a while.” If you find that “pray without ceasing” becomes “worry without ceasing” in your mind…try giving it all to the Lord. I even picture myself climbing up on God’s lap like a small child and presenting my troubles to him, the way a very young child might ask a parent for help. I am thankful for the ministry of the Holy Spirit to whoosh out the worries and leave me empty!

3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Congratulations on making it down the stairs! I’d call that a pretty giant step myself.

    And what in the world is a cingulate gyrus? You’d better do that post soon cause I’m curious.

  2. Hi, glad you are enjoying your time off your feet by thinking of strange analogies between pumping the poop tank and the Holy Spirit. In North Dakota, we had the tank pumped and the sign on the truck said, “A flush is better than a full house”.. that’s North Dakota for you.

  3. Yah, well, when you’re stuck at home, your thinking does get a little narrowed! But, it just made me think of the verse about David asking the Holy Spirit to search his heart and cleanse him from any wayward thinking.

    I like ND humor! That’s a great one!

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