X-rays, Anyone?

Well, I passed my (almost) two week inspection this morning. The X-rays showed that Dr. Golladay did an incredibly good  job of placing everything, so the scans look like demo pictures, and the bones look good and strong. I’ve been sleeping a frightful amount, but beyond waking up enough for a meal or two each day and devotions, I have been practicing my puny exercise routine like a fiend, and that’s definitely paying off too! The doctor graduated me from a walker to a cane (as soon as I can find one) and says that within two more weeks I should be able to walk about like a normal human being. Wouldn’t that be lovely? I trust that means without a cane or a limp, and then it’s up to me to practice walking every day to build up my stamina. Too bad I live at the end of a bumpy gravel road rather than a nicely paved sidewalk, but maybe if I survive that will put me in better stead for hiking in the hills and vales of Europe some day!

Hurray for modern medicine, skilled surgeons, and a great God who can bring us through trials if we’ll only let him. One of my favorite lessons from this past year’s Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Daniel  includes the idea that God will always deliver us. Sometimes it’s from the fire (avoiding a trial that we anticipated), which strengthens our faith; sometimes it’s through the fire (enduring a difficulty), which deepens our faith, and sometimes it’s by the fire (taking us home to heaven) which perfects our faith. May we keep trusting him no matter what the preposition!

3 thoughts on “X-rays, Anyone?

  1. Good job on recovery! What a trooper you are! I’ve heard once that sleeping is what the body needs to do in recovery–all of that cell building/repair! So, good job on the sleeping also.

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