Hip Surgery

I say! I thought once all the festivities around the graduations and Dan’s wedding and the open houses were over, it was going to be a quiet summer for a few weeks before leaving for Jon’s wedding. Well, circumstances would have it that we were going to lose $1600 in medical money if we didn’t spend it by July 1, and I was the only person with a condition that actually could be treated by then.

So, instead of thinking about hip surgery in the fall after returning from Jon’s wedding, I decided to go for it …tomorrow! Everything sort of fell into place for me, so I’ve been scurrying around getting lab work and testing, X-rays, an EKG, and generally everything one needs to get permission to have her hip replaced. The hardware going into my hip has been tested for 30 million steps and the theory is that it just might keep me going for another 30 years (if all goes well and I treat it right), and that sounds long enough for me. Dr. Golladay is a youngish (5 years older than Aaron) bright star who has done hundreds of hip replacements. He was trained at Harvard (Mass. General) and works out of the busiest joint-replacement hospital in Michigan, so I have high hopes. HOWEVER, I would appreciate all the prayer support I can get. Complications are rare but include things like getting the wrong size implant so I end up with a permanent limp, muscle or nerve damage, infection, and other gory options.

Once I’m up and running again (or, at least able to sit up and type), I’ll let you know how it goes!


3 thoughts on “Hip Surgery

  1. Kathy, I am so surprised about your surgery and definitely will be praying hard for you. Where are you having the surgery? I will be waiting to hear how you are. Love, Brenda

  2. The surgery was at Blodgett. Great job, and really lovely care from the nurses. My favorite was a young Christian from the Philippines; we had wonderful chats daily, although I am continually impressed by the shallowness of my life…too much affluence has made me self-indulgent.

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