Time Out

I’m on the run again, trying to get everything in order for about 10 days of wonderful family times! Michael arrives tonight. Dan graduates tomorrow morning at U.M. and then Stephen has his recital at M.S.U. later on. Joel graduates Saturday. Our entire family will be together for a few days of wonderful fun, and then we’ll start losing families. At the peak, all 17 of us will be together. That will be a first for some of the newer members of the family! Grace and Eowyn will stay with us afterward until Dan’s wedding at the end of May, but Michael has to fly back to Germany to work for a couple of weeks in between. All this fun will pretty much empty everybody’s piggy banks, but these are mighty important milestones in our family life, and so it will be especially grand to have everyone together to celebrate!

That being said, I will very likely not be posting again until May 18 or so! But, I will keep praying for all my beloved friends and family, and I hope you will pray for us too!  We all love you!

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