You Turkey!

Have you ever heard someone say that? I’ve heard it many times but never truly appreciated what it meant until yesterday. We have a small flock of wild turkeys that commonly roam our woods. Abby patriotically chases them every once in a while, but he mostly prances behind them just to make sure they aren’t too fat to fly. The other morning when Joel and I were leaving home, one of the turkeys was out trying to force her way through our pasture fence. She could have flown over, but that would have been too easy, so she was repeatedly butting her head through the wire at various places to see if she could find a large enough opening to get through. This isn’t totally unusual; I’ve seen deer do the same thing when they’re alarmed by our car approaching. However, when I returned an hour later, Ms. Turkey was still running up and down the road looking for an opening. Weird!  A couple of hours later, I had to go out again, and Ms. Byrd was still ambling along looking for a gate. This time I drove slowly enough for her to think about some options, and she eventually headed off into the woods on the other side of the road. Believe it or not, when I returned an hour later, she was back trying to force her way through the fence. Incredible! Turkeys CAN fly. Alan mentioned when he came home that there was a turkey out trying to bust through the fence. Finally, after dinner Alan and I went out together, and the turkey was still there! Talk about persistence in a useless project. Alan slowly crept along in the car, herding the turkey toward the gate. We thought she might run down the road and through the gate, but at the last minute, she darted off into a thicket on the right hand side of the road just before the gate.

That, my friends, is why if you ever hear anyone saying, “You turkey!” take appropriate offense! It appears that turkeys are extremely dumb.

I’ve decided to take stock of my life this weekend. Is there any area where I’m acting as dumb as a turkey? Spending all my time banging my head when all I have to do is fly over the obstacle in my path? Perhaps I need to ask the Lord for the wisdom to know how to fly and claim that precious promise in Isaiah 40:31 more often: “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles…”

7 thoughts on “You Turkey!

  1. That is a scary prayer because after ‘banging’ your head in some area for a long time, it might be painful to let go. Thanks for the great analogy with the turkeys.

  2. How true! However, I’m tired enough to let go of everything and trust the Lord will teach me what HE wants me to continue pursuing! 🙂

  3. Haha.. love it. I heard sheep are dumb too. I am thankful God made us different thank animals.. we can learn from animals.

  4. Haha.. love it. I heard sheep are dumb too. I am thankful God made us different than animals.. we can learn from animals.

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