The Return of the Swans

Today is Alan and my 36th anniversary! After tucking away my ladies’ Bible study books from our morning meeting and checking out Jon’s vision and mission statements for his new corporation and Kathy’s blog for her update from the honeymoon, I sat down pensively to reflect for a minute on life. To my delight, our swans came swooping down on the lake…just returning from their winter haven on some faraway southern shore. The lake is still frozen, and so the swans will have to wait, flying about or waddling awkwardly on the ice for an undetermined time until the sun melts through the ice and makes a pool somewhere.

So, how is life for the 58-year-old mother of seven whose husband was gone to work 30 hours in the last two days and whose children are busy as bees doing their own things? Great! The Lord is just too merciful to me! Jon returned home the week before Kathy’s wedding, and he’s been going like 60 on his new non-profit corporation, the Aqueduct Project, to try to raise money so he can teach Bible and theology at little evangelical seminaries around the world where they don’t have the resources to pay for training. He is also doing some substitute professoring at Cornerstone for a prof. who had surgery, and Jon is going to teach one class at Trinity Seminary next fall. He would LOVE to get a full-time teaching position at a school here in the U.S. and spend his summers doing mission work (teaching/preaching), but with the depression consciousness here in the States, no one seems to be hiring right now. All prayers appreciated!

I’m wandering. All this to say that the Lord brought Jonathan home just before Kathy left. Kathy used to always bounce into my room and curl up on my bed for a chat as soon as she woke up in the morning, and that is what I will miss the very most now that she’s spending her waking moments chatting with her beloved new husband every morning! On the other hand, praise the Lord for the telephone, so we can still keep connected. And, praise the Lord for our other kids too! For those away who call so faithfully, and especially for the fellowship of Joel, who has not flown the coop yet, and for Jonathan, who—like the swans on our lake—has returned again for another season. Life is beautiful. Sometimes painfully hard, but then, when the sun shines again, all the tears are forgotten and joy returns. What a morning it will be when we wake up in heaven!

And Alan? He’s working too hard but doing great and loving the challenges of his new position. He can’t keep working these 60+ hour weeks for too long or he’ll burn out, but at least I’m not trying to rear a brood of small children while he’s so busy. These last 15 years have been so much easier than the first 20! Good thing the hardest struggles are usually when we’re young. What a privilege it is to be married and have a forever companion. Can’t imagine life without him. Also, what a privilege it is to have a flock of kids and a pair of swans. And seasons. Seasons are a good thing! Thank you, Lord, that winter doesn’t last forever!

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