It’s Snowing—

Such a bad friend, I am. But, Joel’s had the flu and we’re all in hyper drive. Over the weekend, Joel started vomiting and developed a temp. of 104°.  He’s still feeling very weak and can’t concentrate on studies, although I’ve zipped out to the library and video store a few times to keep him in easy-looking materials. Today he requested some travel logues. Got one on Germany…now that will be fun! Also some science films (yes, he asked for them, I’m not in education-only mode) as well as some mysteries and classics. IF Alan ever gets home (which doesn’t usually happen before 7 pm unless he has a dinner meeting and then it’s even later…tonight’s got [happily for me]  canceled, and he just plain refused to go to the one tomorrow), we’ve got big plans for a great dinner with Mississippi Mud for dessert (now that Joel can eat again) and to watch a Dorothy Sayers’ mystery together. Prayer meeting is out for another night. 😦

Kathy and I were totally overwhelmed by the love and support of our chapel folks at her wedding shower last night. Her truck, “Buckley”, died, and my ancient (25-year-old) Merc. has no heat, so we ended up renting a minivan for her today to take all the loot (plus some of her own clothes and her favorite stuffed chair) over to Carl’s apartment. She’s starting to get everything snugged in so after the wedding she’ll be pretty much able to “be home” there. She’s planning to drive back home tonight. She’s very plucky, because the weather’s very cold and the roads are icy. Fortunately, her two closest friends from infancy days, Melanie and Jennifer, live there, so she can always stay with them if the weather gets too dangerous.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to teach on the Song of Solomon down at the mission today. For some reason, they had “Ladies’ Day” in the men’s chapel, so we had an extra 30 or so guys. Fortunately, I knew most of them from working there with our family, and they were all polite. Most even listened, although a few were slumped over chairs trying to sleep and didn’t really get roused into wakefulness. I need a little more of that “Holy Spirit fire” like my Afro-American sister pastors who preach on the other weeks! 🙂

Gotta go! Trying to clean. Ordered ribbons today for the decorations and a runner for the aisle. Planning menus and looking for deals on decorations and other supplies. Very exciting!! Got a dress yesterday out with Kathy. The one I really wanted Kathy said looked like a prom dress for an 18-year-old. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll never grow up. She helped me find a much more sedate black skirt with a pretty top. Oh, well. Guess I’ll have to find a different occasion for feeling like I’m going to a ball. Actually, Alan gets invited all the time. Guess I just need to break down and enjoy the black-tie dinners we’re supposed to attend!

Well, time to jump back into the canoe and start paddling. Nice relaxing with you on the bank for a few minutes.  Jon’s coming home Sunday and desperately needs a job. All prayers appreciated. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “It’s Snowing—

  1. Sounds like a typical Armstrong zoo around there. I will pray for full recover for Joel, sanity for Kathy and a job?? for Jon. Aren’t kids funny about what their mothers wear? I’m glad you just submitted and wore what she requested, even though I would love to see you in the prom dress. I can see Joanna doing the same thing some day. I do not recall even knowing what my mother was wearing for the wedding before the wedding day. I remember it was my Dad’s first time in the beauty parlor though. Dixie cut his hair and got him all spiffy. Hope everything goes well.

  2. Good memories! So…what did your mom wear? Was it sufficiently matronly and elegant at the same time??

    Thanks for praying. Are you guys over your bout with illness?

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