Swamped but Happy

My beloved friend, Cheryl, reminded me this morning at our chapel that I haven’t been posting lately. ‘Tis true! Kathy’s wedding is just three weeks from yesterday, and I’m spending every spare minute either working on wedding plans or trying desperately to finish the Armstrong Archives…a third of a century’s-worth of letters I wrote home to my mom about our family. I’d hoped to have it out for Christmas presents for the kids, but when that fell through, I thought maybe…just maybe…I could have it done by Kathy’s wedding. I’ve got almost 500,000 words transcribed from about 2,000+ letters and tucked neatly onto almost 1,000 single-spaced pages. As a young, aspiring writer, I heard somewhere that you should throw away your first 500,000 words. Well, I’ve now written them!

When Kathy isn’t otherwise occupied, we’ve also been working on wedding plans, and that has been entirely fun too. Kathy wants a very small wedding with basically just family and a very few, very long-time friends, with a “tea party” reception. It should be lots of fun. She bought her dress years ago but can still fit into it, so that’s great! We also went out shopping last week and found a lovely white dress with a satin sash for her to wear as a “getaway” dress. Her truck died on her way to spend the weekend with two of her bridesmaids and Carl, so we may need to be looking for another vehicle on top of everything else. At any rate, if you don’t hear much from me, please keep us in your prayers! I’m sure to re-emerge sometime after February 7 and all the festivities have subsided!

What am I learning? More than ever, I want to learn to walk in the Spirit, depending on His wisdom for everything…even in such simple matters as what I eat, and for sure in the daily round of “what next?” I want to walk in the light, as He is in the light, and to find my true pleasure in Him. Did I mention John Piper’s book, The Dangerous Duty of Delight? That’s my first book for this year. It’s wonderful. The most striking thing to me is the reminder that God calls us to delight in Him, and that—in fact—there is no conflict of interests in doing so. What brings the greatest glory to God is exactly what brings the deepest satisfaction and joy to us. It’s a win/win situation!

2 thoughts on “Swamped but Happy

  1. Glad to see you’re back again and to hear all the updates. We’re very excited for the big day. I think Kathy and Carl’s plan sounds delightful. I’ll be praying for Kathy’s car situation, too.

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