The Power of Ten Percent

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This came across my desk bright and early, and I really appreciated it. I’m pretty much just copying and pasting the information, which is from, except for this paragraph. The point is, don’t give up on your dreams. Give 10% more. Now, I will quickly add that we need to make sure our dreams are what God is dreaming for us. Last Sunday we visited North Ridge Church, where Kathy’s boyfriend heads up the video production department. The pastor, Brad Powell, gave a wonderful message from the life of Moses to demonstrate that “Where God guides, He provides.” Our first responsibility is to make sure we’re surrendered to God and following Him. “Provision” doesn’t mean a new car; it means basic food, clothing, and shelter. But, if we’re surrendered to God, waiting, watching, and following Him, then He will show us the way. After that, then I think the challenge in “The Power of Ten Percent” is great. Can we give 10% more than we are giving? Don’t dip into the basic things that make life possibile, like hours of sleep or proper health habits (spiritual, physical, and emotional), but can we give 10% more in prayer, in concentration, in effort, in conscious choice to do right, and in giving up unproductive self-indugences?

The Power of 10% – How Small Changes Can Make a BIG Difference

Please watch this exciting 3-minute movie and learn how The Power of 10% can help you:

  • Develop a “Goal Attainment” Mindset
  • Remove Counterproductive Boundaries to Success
  • Understand How Small Changes Can Make a BIG Difference
  • And most importantly
  • Improve Yourself, Your Business and the World Around You

So, take a moment to learn more about The Power of 10%. Please pass this along to family, friends, and coworkers.

Sorry you can’t just click on the movie image, but if you cut and paste the following link, it will take you to there:

To Your Success,

Eric Harvey
Founder and President,
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