Favorite Marriage Counsel and One Hundred Years of Marriages

Okay, so I may be repeating myself, but some things bear repeating! Last night Alan and I went out on a date. In fact, we’ve been going out on weekly dates (as much as possible) ever since we’ve been married. It was the best bit of advice my dad ever gave us. He said, “Even if you don’t have a nickel to split an ice cream cone (and back in his day you could actually get an ice cream cone for a nickel), get out every week and go for a walk around the block or something! Keep having fun together!”

So, every week, we’ve been trying to go out for a date. We take turns picking, and last night was my pick, so we went to Grand Haven and walked the beach and boardwalks after dinner at our favorite dive (topped off with a large strawberry shake, which we split). Didn’t even bring the camera. (Alan sometimes tires of his wife, the family historian and chronicler, who takes pictures of EVERYTHING!)

But, I have something fun to show you anyway…

Here are my grandparents, William Littler and Daisy (Kerr) Littler, who were married on June 6, 1900.

The couple on the right are my parents, Louis Ward and Carolyn (Littler) Ward, who were married on June 30, 1938. They are with Mom’s brother Bob and his wife, Millie, who were married the same day.

Here we are on our wedding day, February 18, 1973. That’s a long time ago!

And, here we are that following year when we started graduate school. That was 35 years ago!

And, here is our first born, Aaron, and his wife, Carleen, on the day they were married,  June 29, 2002.

Just kidding, they were married in 2002, but this was taken when we were in California to together visiting family last year. They actually have two sons now.

And here are Michael and Grace, who were married on July 1, 2003. This picture was taken in the hollow of the same huge sequoia tree in CA. Mike and Grace have a daughter now. Maybe soon I’ll scan in some wedding pictures and tell you more about my oldest kids, since I usually just talk about what’s going on here in good old GR. But, at any rate, this completes my tiny tale of a hundred years of marriage in our family!

7 thoughts on “Favorite Marriage Counsel and One Hundred Years of Marriages

  1. You made me do a double-take on Aaron’s ‘wedding’ picture. I thought I must have read it wrong.

    We are still up in the Soo and enjoying beautiful weather. We are just starting a project to build a new garage. We will do the site preparation work this fall and actually build next spring. You will have to tell Alan that Tom is renting some machine Tuesday for digging. I’m sure Alan & Tom would have great fun with it!

  2. Ah, Alan will be up tonight! Well, really—tell Tom if we didn’t have Linda coming in tonight, we’d be right up!! Sounds like almost too much fun to miss.

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