Repeating Stories

Have you ever wondered what I do all day now that I’m not homeschooling anymore?

I mean, last year I at least had the excuse that Joel needed a driver…but no more!

So, am I just sitting around all day?

Or, sleeping on the job?

Well, in fact, I’ve been telling stories, or at least repeating them.

When I was a little girl, I noticed that my mother wrote her mother a letter every week, and so I decided to try to do the same for my mom when I  grew up! Without ever telling me, my mother lovingly kept every letter I ever wrote her carefully filed away by year in a box! And so, to my delight, I’m spending my spare time this summer (and doubtless into the fall) transcribing all the letters into a “book” I’m going to give each of my kids for a Christmas present. It will be titled Armstrong Archives and will trace twenty-five years of bringing up our children: from October 2, 1975 when our first child, Aaron, was born (on my 25th birthday) until 2000, when Aaron turned twenty-five and I turned fifty. It will end before Aaron got married…sort of the springtime of our children’s lives and the summer of Alan and mine. I guess it’s a bit like memoirs, not that I’m old enough to want to write memoirs yet, but it’s been a wonderful joy to relive the past and remember all the foibles and fun of motherhood! Right now I’m in June of 1984. I am sure glad the world didn’t end that year, aren’t you?

Now, in 2008, Molly, our tabby cat, is curled up sleeping on my lap as I type. In 1984 it was Kathy. I still have her little scribbly marks all over the letter to my parents and laughed again as I remembered putting all the kids to bed after an exhausting day and looking forward to having a chance to write my parents (since at 9:30 pm Alan was still gone…the life of a doctor!) when all of a sudden I heard a noise. I opened the door, and 20-month-old Kathy fell in, having escaped her crib. The Victor! Yes, and my kids are still keeping me challenged and laughing. Maybe that’s why I haven’t found another job yet!

4 thoughts on “Repeating Stories

  1. Yes, and you’re in it…but not yet! That doesn’t come until we moved up North. Right now we’re still in Ann Arbor. 🙂

  2. Well, I hope it’s at least fun for our kids…and maybe yours, since there are plenty of stories about you and your hubby in there!

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