Hung out to Dry

Ever feel like you’ve been left hanging out to dry?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone!

Today was my dear friend Kay’s birthday, so I took her out to breakfast. She’s the type of person who brings me a present on her birthday…plus a book to read on a topic we’re both working on, plus a novel to read to inspire me because she has such confidence that I could write a best seller like that…I mean, the type of person you can never keep up with because she is so giving and positive that you always leave feeling totally encouraged and affirmed. Like…let’s see…I thought I was trying to do something for her, how did all this happen?!

At any rate, among other blessings, today she reminded me of something that as Americans we probably rarely ever think of: “They who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.” When I think of persecution, I think of having my house burned down or my family murdered. In the U.S., persecution is much more subtle, and it doesn’t just come from the neighboring warring tribe who doesn’t believe in my god. Have you ever been ridiculed for what you wear? What you do? What you won’t do? For your priorities? For being a “legalist” because you don’t ….(fill in your own blank)? Instead of rising up and calling you blessed, do your children rise up and question your lifestyle…(or, you can fill in this blank too). Do you find yourself feeling bewildered and confused…asking what you’re doing wrong and where you’re going wrong when the opposition comes from your own loved ones?

If so, you probably are doing some things wrong (and don’t we all!), so try to learn from the rebukes of life, but remember that you may also be suffering persecution for the Lord’s sake. If you find yourself wondering what in the world’s going on and if there’s anyone left out there who feels like you do…may you have a Kay in your life to say, “Oh, me too!”  Remember, there were still 7,000 left in Israel, and there are probably millions left even in America.

When you get to feeling down and out and don’t know what to do, picture this little line of puppies. No, they probably can’t get out of trouble alone, but they’re not alone. There’s a whole bunch of them. And, there is somebody watching who can get them out of trouble! Our heavenly Father knows just what kind of predicament we’re in, and He knows how to get us out. May all our troubles serve to “clean” us spiritually, and after we’ve been hung out to dry, may our dear Savior rescue us and send us on our way, cleaner, fresher, and purer!

5 thoughts on “Hung out to Dry

  1. That is the cutest shot! I love the little onesies! If you are persecuted outwardly or inwardly, I’m standing (or hanging) with you. Thanks for the sweet comments all the time on my site. My Mom is the best.. Dad too, but that’s another story.

  2. How sweet of you to hang with me! I know it and feel your love and support. Bless you, my little sister!

  3. Yesterday, when reading my Bible, I pulled last Sunday’s bulletin out of the cover pocket and glanced through it. The front of the bulletin has I Peter 4:16 printed on it: “If you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.” It made me think of your blog entry.

    Is your friend, Kay, actually Kayleen, by any chance? Just curious.

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